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Assange leaves embassy to become Crystal Palace's new manager

Despite having been trapped in the Ecuadorean embassy since June 2012, the lure of taking over London’s tenth most important football club has proved too much for Julian Assange. 228 more words

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Death on expensive holidays tops the list of things 'we have no sympathy for'

August marks that time of year when British holidaymakers begin their annual cull by leaping drunkenly from balconies, ignoring ski helmets or by combining scuba diving with outboard motors. 262 more words

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US to release Greatest Hits; from 'Iraqi Nights'to 'The ballad of George III'

Members of the music press were delighted to hear that President Barack Obama has agreed to a compilation of military successes from the US back catalogue. 253 more words

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Caption Competition: 'Iraq? I'll get my coat'


‘Iraq? I’ll get my coat’ (from JemmaZing45)


This month’s photo come courtesy of: bbc.com

DATE: 16th August 2014


‘To the bat cave!’ … 31 more words

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Official singles chart to count high-pitched screaming‏

For the first time ever, alongside streaming services, teenagers emitting ultrasonic squeals of delight will be used in calculating album and singles sales. Pant wetting, fainting and ‘poster kissing’ will also form part of a complicated algorithm designed to measure contemporary trends. 298 more words

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Caption Competition: 'Boris Johnson denied that London's buses were underfunded'

WINNER: ‘Boris Johnson denied that London’s buses were underfunded’ (from KillerzBuild)


This month’s photo come courtesy of: bbc.com

DATE: 9th August 2014

RUNNERS UP… 53 more words

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Seven seconds of exercise too much effort

A recent pilot study of pensioner’s health has raised fears that scientists are competing to offer the public effortless routes to eternal life. The new claim that six seconds of exercise ‘can transform health’, has led to people reducing their daily activity to just rigorous chewing, animated shampooing and ‘strained bowel movements’. 240 more words

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