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Silvio Berlusconi promises to 'give your Nonna a good seeing to'

Italian homes for the elderly will soon be visited by the ‘creosote crooner’, otherwise known as ‘Ol’ Gropey’ by his adoring under-age fans and tax accountants. 264 more words

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The Verve accused of peddling inadequate flu-remedy

The songwriter Richard Ashcroft and his band have come under close scrutiny with regards their connection between 90s rock music and the UK stockpiling £473m of Tamiflu in 2006. 320 more words

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Damien Hirst's autobiography will be 'ironically' full of spelling errors

To the equal delight of the art world and the frustration of most rationale print lovers, the notorious Turner Prize winner proposes to ‘redefine’ what we a perceive to be a ‘well written book’. 229 more words

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Flibbertigibbet Caption Competition: Casting for The Wind in the Willows suffers a setback

Casting for The Wind in the Willows suffers a setback (from Blissangel)


This month’s photo come courtesy of: BBC.com

DATE: 12th April 2014

RUNNERS UP: 34 more words

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Auto-industry admits 'only the unicycle' is safe

In a year that has seen General Motors (GM) recall 2.6m cars and Toyota 6.4m, there is a growing appreciation that the car is a glorified ‘casket on wheels’. 197 more words

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MPs now only embarrassed by the 'sound of pooing'

After decades of embezzlement, corruption and ‘world-class douchebaggery’, the House of Commons has managed to eliminate shame in all but extreme circumstances. While Culture Secretary Maria Miller had to be wrestled to the ground by Black Rod and sat upon by the Deputy Speaker in order to elicit the ‘mildest apology’; other MPs have confessed to not being ‘remotely mortified’ when caught ‘farting in a lift’, ‘masturbating in front of their parents’ or ‘voting for’ any Coalition policy. 226 more words

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Glasgow to be ‘nuked’ during Commonwealth Closing Ceremony

A global audience, set to be in the millions, will witness a lavish TV spectacle combining mediocre athletics, the smugness of Alex Salmond and a ‘much needed’ nuclear deterrent. 312 more words

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