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Syria was sooooooo last year!

Despite entering their third year of civil war many Syrians are starting to look drab, unwashed and unloved in comparison to fashionable parts of crisis-torn Eastern Europe. 339 more words

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Music Promotion: The Fake Aunts

Flibbertigibbet occasionally tries to promote other comedic talent. To this end here is an advert for ‘The Fake Aunts’ latests comedy CD – downloadable via Amazon.com. 628 more words

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Alleged Islamic takeover of schools 'can't be worse than Gove'

A Birmingham inquiry into a hard-line Muslims taking control of city schools, it set to conclude that a fundamentalist rejection of 21st century learning ‘can not be more detrimental’ than the Secretary of State’s A level reforms. 234 more words

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'Dirty' Fuel needs to be replaced with something 'less smutty' - insists UN

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published a damning report on how ‘excessively crude’ oils are corrupting the young with their reliance on ‘salacious carbon-intensive’ fuels and lewd references to ‘fracking’. 182 more words

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Caption Competition: 'Identity of fourth member of new boy band still a mystery'

‘Identity of fourth member of new boy band still a mystery’ (from SmileyMyrus)

This month’s photo come courtesy of: bbc.com

DATE: 19th April 2014

RUNNERS UP: 30 more words

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Pensioners helpfully reminded 'your days are numbered'

Minister Steve Webb proposes that all of the UK’s OAPs should be given a stark reality check in terms of life expectancy. Mr. Webb’s understandable concern is that the elderly are unaware of their own mortality and that previous attempts to pursue them with dark storm clouds, circling vultures and ‘a dyspeptic hobgoblin carrying an oversized hourglass’ did not have ‘the desired impact’. 216 more words

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Adoption agencies inundated with middle-class toddlers post-'Offer Day'

As UK primary schools announce their allocated places, aspiring parents have been forced to make some tough decisions between living with the shame of an infant in an average OFSTED institution or to ‘cut their loses and run’. 261 more words

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