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Hyena Heist in the Mara

First light on the Mara plains, and the Marsh Pride lionesses have eaten well. In the night they have killed a giraffe and are resting up near the remains of the carcase.  232 more words


giant gwendol makes the wrekin

As hills go, The Wrekin (pronounced REE-kin) in my home county of Shropshire is not very high – just over 400 metres (1300 feet) . But then, as estate agents say, location is all, and this is the only big hill for miles around. 690 more words

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Falls in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

If you want to participate in the A to Z Challenge, with letter F words, visit Flickr comments by clicking the link. 7 more words


Floating not flooding: Adeyemi's 'Ark-ademy'

Photos © 2014 NLÉ

And what is this extraordinary structure?

Why, a floating school of course. It is also a prototype building created by Nigerian-born architect, Kunle Adeyemi  and his Amsterdam-based company NLÉ. 591 more words

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We human beings are always trying to come to some form of equilibrium; nevertheless life is like a pendulum that also tends toward disequilibrium, so balance sometimes fades away.  44 more words


Desert Date ~ a real-life tree of life

Badda, Othoo, Olokwai, Eroronyit, Mjunju, Kiwowa – are just some of the names that Kenya’s peoples use for this super-tree. Here, in the Maasai Mara, its  lone presence on the grasslands adds a sense of drama. 871 more words