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you'll never find me consuming airline food // the contents of my food bag revealed

Unless TSA agents have confiscated my food bags in some underhanded attempt at mind control, or my bag mysteriously disappears into the abyss that is the seat pocket, I never, … 488 more words


Travelling with baby - Part 2: undoing seatbelts in one step

Before taking baby to Japan, I was a hornet’s nest full of worry and anxiety about the potential disasters that lay ahead of us. Here is what really happened. 758 more words


Where DO Flight Attendants Sleep?

You have seen flight attendants taking breaks, chatting and even sometimes sleeping on long flights…in the galley.  Near the bathrooms.  Nice.

But, did you know that is often quite different on longer, cross-Atlantic or Pacific flights?  87 more words


Widow: Husband died because of hairy chest

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico –  A man died of a heart attack on a Southwest Airlines flight, and his wife thinks his hairy chest could have played a role in his death, according to KOAT. 115 more words


Moving Sidewalks Are Not For Standing

You guys. This coffee is about as delicious as freshly unwashed socks.

The flight attendant, who has no name tag, is quite curt. And for some reason I want to say his name is Chad. 601 more words



So I’m a little late posting this but I’m finally getting around to it. I wrote it and somehow never found time to actually post  508 more words


Delta Airlines flight attendant interview process.

I thought it would be helpful for others trying to become a Delta Flight Attendant to read the process that I’ve gone through.

On March 6th 2014 I applied on-line for the position of a Delta Airline Flight Attendant. 2,148 more words

Growing Pains