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Southwest Flight Attendant Turns Safety Speech Into A Comedy Routine

Flying can be a stressful experience. There are lines, crows, expensive luggage cost, and very tough federal regulations you must follow. It is not all that bad when there is something that can put a smile on your face. 172 more words


Flying Fabulous

From the start let’s get one thing clear – I am the last of nine children.

This is where you would say… ‘WHOA! Nine?!?’ Then you ask me some awkward question pertaining to procreation and frequency of parental interactions, of which I would uncomfortably say, ‘Uh-huh’. 859 more words

Abu Dhabi

If I could've pulled a DB Cooper...

Then there was a time…

…we were cruising through the beverage service; nice crew, light flight, no troubles, very nice passengers. I say to the customer at the window, “And what would you like to drink sir?” And the LADY with the deep voice and sensible haircut at the window answers, “I’d like a Diet Coke.” Talk about embarrassing.   72 more words


So much depends on HOW you show up

And then there was a time…

…I was working a LHR to JFK flight and decided to go visit with Joan Collins who was seated at the front of the plane. 165 more words


Singapore Airlines

A long flight behind us, but in a very comfortable way. Now we sit with our laptop in a small internet cafe in a very small village (about 3 hours away from Cebu) in the Philippines. 213 more words


I'm So Excited released in cinemas

It seems Pedro Almadovar’s horror period is over. His old craving for wild comedy is back. After more shifty films such as The Skin I Live In and Broken Embraces, Almadovar’s reverted back to happier times when there were Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown everywhere. 248 more words


Virgin Atlantic and First Aid!

Today is write on all I have missed day! Lol. In January, on the 7th to be precise, I was on a Virgin Atlantic flight back to Lagos from Heathrow. 786 more words