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First Solo Flights

August 3rd, 2014

Total Hours: 36.9

This week has been every bit as rewarding as the last was challenging. All of the information and technique that I was trying so hard to absorb has finally started to sink in. 1,316 more words


Official Rockstar Weekend Event starts today


All you have to do is complete the “Flight School Event” Playlist and then head to Ammu-Nation. The High Flyer Parachute Bag will be available free of charge and, once purchased, you can equip it from your Inventory in the Interaction Menu. 101 more words

Gta Online

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Reveal Trail…

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Reveal Trail…: http://youtu.be/7xr0cNjwyKc

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Ups and Downs

July 27th, 2014

Total Hours: 26.2

Another intense week wrapped up. It started easily enough because I took Sunday and Monday off to give the brain a little chance to catch up. 1,387 more words


Flight schools in canada

Canada is recognized around the world for its best flight training schools known for making a student’s dream of being a pilot come to life. 131 more words


How to Become A Commercial Airline Transport Pilot

How to Become A Commercial Airline Pilot – ATP

Interested in starting a commercial airline transport pilot career?

If you have ever dreamed about becoming a professional ATP pilot, you may want to strongly consider taking action now to get your ATP pilot license. 1,311 more words

Flight School