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Top 5 Country Songs About Flying

Hi, K-Froggers!  Pepper here, and now that I’m a flight student at Hemet-Ryan Flight School, I hear songs that are about planes and flying a LOT differently now.   285 more words

Keith Urban

FAA Certified Pilot Training Provider

To be successful in any career, solid education is a must. To take advantage of aviation’s rewards, you must make sure you get the good, solid information and aviation training that you’ll need to be a safe, confident pilot in the air. 972 more words

Pilot Certificates, Ratings and Endorsements

Basic pilot certificates are:

  • Student
  • Sport
  • Recreational
  • Private
  • Commercial
  • Airline Transport Pilot

Examples of other certificates include:

Pilot certificates have associated ratings. 1,434 more words

Pilots Must Understand And Evaluate Bad Weather Conditions And Night Flying

Many pilots have had the experience of hearing about a weather-related accident and thinking themselves immune from a similar experience. Interviews with pilots who narrowly escaped aviation weather accidents indicate that many of the unfortunate pilots thought the same thing — that is, until they found themselves in weather conditions they did not expect and could not safely handle. 2,418 more words

From the road to the sky

Growing up l never thought l would at some point fly planes.I always thought l would become a lawyer or join the business sector . I wasn’t sure about what exactly l wanted to do. 563 more words

Passing Your 1st Checkride in Flight School

If you did your research right and chose a solid flight school with FAA approved flight training curriculum and expert flight instructors you are on the right track to getting your pilot license. 1,441 more words

Pilot Training Guide List for Future Pilots

To operate an aircraft in the United States you must be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which since 9/11 is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 1,159 more words