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Buzz Lightyear Simulator: Volo Airsport

That’s definitely falling with style.

We can probably all agree that wingsuit flying looks both insane and intriguing.  It’s not something that I think I’d be comfortable with doing, but I’m happy to watch other people throw themselves off cliffs and then whizz along at supremely high speeds in their flying-squirrel suits.   359 more words


Well, yeah. This appears to be a thing. Also... Multiple Timelines.

Alright, so the very few people who probably ever saw this space are probably not that different from the other masses who don’t really care that it’s changed. 648 more words


Gaming in March, 1982

Okay, so this is March here, 1982 and let’s see what news were popping up with the fresh breeze of spring for computer gamers. 

Looking at the hardware first, well, surprisingly there is nothing showcased for the new spring neither in… 579 more words

Apple II

Review: Jumbo Jet Pilot (1982)

I have been thinking of  reviewing Tigers in The Snow for the Atari 8-bit, but it was such an inferior game compared to Eastern Front that I had to skip that. 319 more words

Apple II

Heat-Seeking Ass-Whoopers

No story this week – just cold hard facts.

  • New HUD to replace the clutter of debug text in the top-left
  • New enemy plane model – meant to be an attack ship but right now behaves exactly like the scouts (except seems to get into more trouble navigation-wise because it’s bigger)
  • 129 more words