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Feathers float in darkness...

Feathers float in darkness…
All eyes are blind,
All ears are shut.
The flaming hand destroys them.

With ashes white,
Like snow, but hot,
He paints himself. 46 more words


I need to disappear

Cover my irides from all light

Let the people around fade slowly
–smoke dissipating into peaceful darkness
Cover my ears from coherent sounds
–random noise losing its volume … 364 more words


How To Be More Comfortable On A Flight

Ears plugging up, nose feels like its collecting dust, legs cramping, these are just a few complaints I have heard while flying. You don’t have to be miserable when you travel, here are a few tips to keep you comfortable. 334 more words


A hamhock in your cornflakes

Steve Kline Ages of Rock

1951: William “Billy Bass” Nelson Jr. is born in Plainfield, N.J. As a teen-ager, Nelson works in George Clinton’s… 107 more words

What Counts

Snowpocalypse 2015: My First "Abroad" Post

So, my South African adventure started off a little bit differently from what I was expecting. The “snowpocalypse” that hit the Northeast had my parents’ and me rethink our travel plans to get me off to Cape Town. 480 more words

Cape Town