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So time has passed, emotions are running less high, and I’m finally in the right head space to talk about the whirlwind that was my summer at camp. 262 more words


Love Poems

I gave myself the task of writing twenty-five love poems in a year.  I found that I spent nearly as much time counting them as I did writing them, especially in the beginning.   217 more words


Osprey along the Sea of Cortez

There are two ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) who are residents at the Hacienda del Mar resort in Los Cabos.  Ospreys are another favourite animal that I am fortunate to be able to… 127 more words


The Ebbing

A deep sigh, a faltering smile, the last tear rolling, fingers- unclasped, shaky breathing, tangled mind, dodgy hope, treasured finds, heartbeats to music, pinches of regret, flashback and thoughts you can’t forget, wraith of the past, burgundy dreams, a rush of fright, an angry scream, a sudden fight, a sudden flight, joining of dots, eternal light.

Handley Page H.P.88 - Proving the Victor could fly

Handley Page was at the forefront of British bomber design since the First World War when the Royal Flying Corps first started to take the idea of using aircraft to drop bombs on enemy positions seriously. 577 more words


The Complete Guide To In-Flight Wi-Fi Hacks

This article originally appeared on Map Happy.

Going to bite the bullet to get online, are you there? This is the complete set of tricks to doing it the right way without getting robbed and coughing up full price. 1,351 more words