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No-Face is a character by animation studio Studio Ghibli, and appears in the Hayao Miyazaki’s film Spirited Away. He is a very lonely spirit, and follows the main character after she is kind to him. 36 more words


Toronto Film Festival (Tiff) Celebrity DONT'S!

Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell… was this outfit supposed to match? Together these two looked like a complete mixed matched mess, do celebrities now on the red carpet think fashion throw up is the new fashion forward trend? 134 more words


48 hour movie project... last day

Its been an intensive amount of filming, with all kinds of highs and lows. Enjoyed every minute of filming and bonding with my team. Great bunch of lads and lassies! 97 more words


Know Thy Panthère

Every established jewelry house has a wonderfully rich history – and with that, significant signature motifs in the form of an animal, flower or inanimate objects. 175 more words


Lawmakers make deal on California film credits

A deal has been reached between California Gov. Jerry Brown and a bipartisan group of legislators that will more than triple the dollars the state will offer as incentives for movie and television production in the state, it was announced today. 201 more words