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So strange

I missed coming back here and writing whatever passes on my mind. So, I met a guy, a lot younger than me, via a relative of mine and we hit right away. 211 more words


-For you, the one who shines in every path of my memories.


I know this is not something i should say over an email; but i find it hard putting all the words together in the right places while seeing you over the camera, and i can’t find any adequate reason for calling you at midnight just to tell you what i feel anymore. 619 more words

return and its fling

why is it so beautiful across

the lawn

and why is the  grass

always so smooth

and a meeting

and its own


and those are the takes… 52 more words


"I love the Players, and you love the game"

Blank Space  – Taylor Swift  : 

“nice to meet you, where you been?”

Men ( shall I say boys) in college. Let me tell you. 352 more words

Blank Space

I and J

So sorry for being sooo inactive. College life is DEFINITELY horrifying and it will rip your sanity off. So the next time people tell you that  154 more words

Dear Diary

The one that got away

I once believed in love, in happy endings and all good things that comes with it, until I got hurt and lost faith in it. Love wasn’t friendlier than I thought.

1,131 more words

Race Report: Highland Fling 112km

I have never raced the Highland Fling, but have heard so many good things about it from so many people. A key fixture on most of the calendars of elite racers and punters alike, it’s known to be a tough race, but a highly enjoyable one. 1,300 more words

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