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Fling App - What is it and could it be used by business?

On July 22nd a new app hit the iTune store shelves and within the week it has been available it has already gathered a huge following. 292 more words


Watch them fly v.2

Watch them fly v.2

Sometimes relationships are like balloons
Tied to a child wrist
Giving joy and play to a young life
Watch that child fly… 85 more words

People you will encounter on Fling.

So there’s a new app making waves amongst the smart phone generation called ”Fling”. When i first heard of it I thought it was a new Tinder because of the name, but actually it’s basically a new snapchat except you send pictures to random strangers all over the world. 502 more words

Slightly Obscure.

Misery Loves Company

“Do you think because you touched me you know me? You’re just a boy and I have galaxies growing inside of me”

Summer is best known for flings.  

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Fling Pulls Early Eyeballs With A Random Message-Bombing Feature

Make way for (yet) another messaging app. Fling, for that is its name, has a twist — as all messaging apps must now have — in the form of a random message-flinging interface which sends your photo or text (or captioned photo) to up to 50 other users anywhere around the world. 654 more words


La vita è bella nel giardino della Bella Madrona

My first individual garden post from the Fling is about the very last garden we visited. I guess it haunted me more than any of the others did. 800 more words


Oh boy.

Roses are RED
Violets are Blue.
Let me remind you, of how much I hate you.

Dear A,
I can’t even look at you at this point. 120 more words