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Class 4: Historical Thinking

Our class begins with a review of the Sam Wineburg reading and TEDEd flipped lesson Who is the historian in your classroom? That will also provide a chance to discuss the efficacy of flipping content. 600 more words


Best Laid Plans

The Merriam Webster Online Dictionary defines a “plan” as “a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something.” Therefore, it makes perfect sense that a “lesson plan” is a set of actions, carefully thought of as a way to achieve student success. 321 more words


Flip, Blend, Shake, Stir, Teach

I have a love/hate relationship with educational buzzwords. This year I will enter my seventh year of teaching, and although I can’t really consider myself a “veteran” teacher yet, at this point in my career, I have already seen educational buzzwords appear, disappear, and some have even reappeared.  568 more words


Astronomy Class Structure

I think I’ve got it! After lots of internal debate, I think I’ve settled on how I want to run my new astronomy class this year. 400 more words

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