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Flipping Literacy into the Future

The idea of the Flipped Classrooms has been all the rage in education over the last five years or so. The basic premise is to provide a lecture video online for students and use class time for exercises and work, with the teacher there as support.  376 more words


Concluding Lessons for Effective Flipped Learning

Ok, I know, I’ve been posting a lot from the Chronicle of Higher learning – I should branch out.  Bear with me, it is a new feed in my e-mail, and I’m in the honeymoon phase :)  This recent article sparked an idea… 228 more words


Are You Ready to Flip?

Has your school made the flip yet?

The latest Project Tomorrow Speak Up survey confirms that interest in “flipping the classroom” is continuing to grow. 467 more words


Outside Tech- the Flipped Classroom

The educational push is towards technology, right? Technology, technology, technology…why not bring your technology outside with you and your students. Call me crazy, but technology from inside the classroom can truly enhance the outdoor experience which in turns enhances your students’ overall understanding of the curriculum which in turn leads to better grades which in turn leads to more developed and informed citizens. 337 more words


Robert Talbert - Getting off on the right foot in an inverted calculus class (Chronicle of Higher Ed)

Here’s an excerpt from the  sixth post in from Robert Talbert’s excellent series on flipping his calculus class:

Getting off on the right foot in an inverted calculus class…

184 more words

Promising Practices for Flipped Classroom Instruction in Secondary Classrooms

Through my journey of exploring the flipped classroom, I investigated what promising practices are currently documented in scholarly literature. To help inform my practice, I wrote a critique on these published practices and, by incorporating my personal teaching experiences, created a list of promising practices.   2,406 more words


Print Reduction PD Session: April 14th, 2014

On April 14th, I offered an optional technology PD session that was billed as focusing on the somewhat counterintuitive combination of reducing print usage and flipping your classroom.   157 more words

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