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Make Thinking Visible with VideoNot.es

Those of you who ask students to watch videos to learn, reinforce, and/or review course content should know about VideoNot.es.  This app allows users to take synchronized, time-stamped notes as they watch clips on Youtube, Vimeo, Khan, Coursera, and more.   51 more words

Flip Your Classroom—Conference in Gyeongju: Day 1

This is the first post of an ongoing series on the “flipped classroom” national experiment currently happening all over South Korea. After the first successful pilot program in Busan… 1,192 more words


IGCSE conflict on the coast

Conflict on the coast IGCSE

Here are two questions on CONFLICT between different land users and the CONFLICT between developing coastlines for industry, tourism and housing and the need to CONSERVE the natural environment.   557 more words


Flipped Classroom - Overview Day

For the first time this year, I employed my idea of an Overview Day. We are about to begin our first unit on Derivatives, so I wrote the words “Derivative” and “Differentiation” on the board with a circle around it. 289 more words

Flipped Classroom

#FlipClass and #Cornell Notes: A perfect combination

The fall semester is 1/4 over.  I am teaching general chemistry again in a flipped classroom learning environment.  I continue to structure the class as I did during the Spring 2014 semester.   344 more words

Flipped Classroom

Paper is Out, Computers are In

“Giving students pencil and paper tests on computer science seems like an anachronism.”

This year, I am teaching a new subject: Introduction to Computer Science for high schoolers. 498 more words

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