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Report: Innovating Pedagogy 2014 [PDF]

Reposted from Open University:

This report proposes ten innovations that are already in play but have not yet had a profound influence on education. To produce it, a group of academics at the Institute of Educational Technology in The Open University proposed a long list of new educational terms, theories, and practices. 367 more words

iPad Challenge: Put Last Month's Presentations into Practice!

Well, the feedback came and we heard it loud and clear: you would have liked more time to try out the skills presented to you by our amazing presenters Nadia and Greg. 198 more words

How To

The Beginner's Guide To Flipping Your Math Classroom

Flipping your classroom sounds like a great idea — you’ll have more time for application in your lessons, students will come to class knowing EVERYthing already, and traditional homework (and checking it during class time) will be a thing of the past.   427 more words


One Order of Psych Reading with a Guide on the Side: The Flipped Classroom

Guide on the Side is the psychology education role I have been trained to provide to you. Psychology (PSI) Tutor:Mentor dips into the Flipped Classroom Model… 619 more words

Critical Skills

Visualizing the Volume of a Prism Using a Rubik's Cube


This is the tangible stuff we want our students to have in mind when first learning about new math concepts.  Sure, we could teach volume as the area of the base multiplied by the height.   119 more words

About Susan Elizabeth D'Auria

Should I flip my principal the bird?

Before I get into exactly what I need to decide, this story deserves a little backstory. Feel free to skip, if you already know about flipping your classes. 550 more words


Blogpost 5 - One year in

Once again too much sand has trickled into the lower bulb of the hourglass since last I wrote anything on this blog. It does not mean I have not continued the development of my flipped class room; it is merely a reflection of the busyness of a full time teaching load. 410 more words