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Best Apps and Websites for the Flipped Classroom

Be less of a teacher and more of a mentor by turning traditional lecture-based instruction on its head. This list of resources — everything from interactive practice sets to instructional videos to whiteboard tools — help students learn new things at home, freeing up classroom time for clarification, exploration, and creation. 23 more words

Flipped Classroom

Screencasting Tips

Here is the interview I did with TechSmith this past spring discussing tips when using video in the classroom.


Google CLASSROOM - a test drive

I was able to try out Google CLASSROOM this week, and thought I would share some thoughts and screen shots. Basically, if you have access to Google Apps for Education, then CLASSROOM streamlines organization and delivery of content in a walled garden approach, and provides some basic support for student assessment. 540 more words


In Praise of Messing About, or Why I Hate Homework

I started hating homework long before I had kids.

When I think of the rawest form of torture I was ever subjected to as a child, short of the heartbreak that came when I learned that a boy had won a dollar for asking me out in the fourth grade (yes, ouch), I think of sitting at the glass-top dining room table the same year, staring through nearly transparent paper and seeing my legs swing beneath me, too far from the ground and dangling, feeling completely inadequate for the task. 1,215 more words


Using School Website or MLE

One of my colleagues, Matthew Chermside, has done an amazing job as head of ICT in creating a ‘managed learning environment’ (MLE) where students can access work online through the school website. 112 more words


Tip of the Week: Zaption and interactive videos

I’ll be honest. I heard from a teacher in Medicine Lodge a few weeks ago about a tool called Zaption, promised myself that I’d check it out later, and then completely forgot all about. 758 more words


Preparing to 'Flip'

So the new term approaches and I figure now is a good time to document the preparations for ‘flipping’ my classroom before the onslaught of start of term gets into full swing. 212 more words

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