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Integrating Intelligence

Integrating Intelligence;

Harnessing the Best Practices in Education

Robert A. Southworth, Jr., Ed.D.

I grew up keeping the stats of my favorite basketball team, the 1969 New York Knicks. 1,221 more words


The Paperless iPad Classroom

In this vidcast I talk about Apps such as the Google Classroom, Edmodo and Showbie to transform your classroom and go paperless with iPads.

Teach Like A Pirate

Introducing the Handbag Hook

We all know I love Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgress, Dave’s teachings and his book have really reawakened my inspiration since the summer. I was explaining how Teach Like a Pirate works to my in-laws and my mother-in-law made a joke how she found her Christmas Hand Bag Hook while setting up the tree this year. 616 more words

Teach Like A Pirate

Powtoons — DIY animated short films

As an instructor, I tend to rely heavily on reading the room as I teach. Of course, there are certain set pieces and tried & true ‘scripts’ I fall back upon, but for the most part I react to student needs and improvise answers to questions. 234 more words

Jason Kurylo

Cell Phones In Classrooms: Dialing in or silencing?

As a teacher earlier and now as an administrator, one of the issues that crosses my table frequently is cellphones in school. As a teacher, I found it very distracting when it went off in the middle of a lesson and as an administrator, I follow the district policy, restricting cell phone use in school. 586 more words