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Introducing the Handbag Hook

We all know I love Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgress, Dave’s teachings and his book have really reawakened my inspiration since the summer. I was explaining how Teach Like a Pirate works to my in-laws and my mother-in-law made a joke how she found her Christmas Hand Bag Hook while setting up the tree this year. 616 more words

Teach Like A Pirate

Powtoons — DIY animated short films

As an instructor, I tend to rely heavily on reading the room as I teach. Of course, there are certain set pieces and tried & true ‘scripts’ I fall back upon, but for the most part I react to student needs and improvise answers to questions. 234 more words

Jason Kurylo

Cell Phones In Classrooms: Dialing in or silencing?

As a teacher earlier and now as an administrator, one of the issues that crosses my table frequently is cellphones in school. As a teacher, I found it very distracting when it went off in the middle of a lesson and as an administrator, I follow the district policy, restricting cell phone use in school. 586 more words


Anytime Education... Ready When You Are!

It’s been a while since my last post. I think that is mostly due to the fact that my video lesson production is well and truly in full swing. 335 more words

Lifelong Learning - Put Your Print on It (Topic 8)

My comprehension of lifelong learning is the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and experience from within the physical, social, and cultural contexts of our lives. Previously, I was less mindful of the value of a technology-rich world and connected, global society to enhance and guide my personal, and students’ lifelong pursuit of knowledge. 396 more words

Flipping Out - Day 2

I thought one way for me to use up my 30 NaBloPoMo blog entries would be to take a look at the Educators (see page: … 107 more words


Re-defining the curriculum: Let's 'flip' our classrooms

Thank you Tessa :) I am also in the process of encouraging my fellow colleagues who are also Teachers of the Deaf to join VLN and also put in their thoughts and reflections in these on-line discussions. 628 more words