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Blogpost 5 - One year in

Once again too much sand has trickled into the lower bulb of the hourglass since last I wrote anything on this blog. It does not mean I have not continued the development of my flipped class room; it is merely a reflection of the busyness of a full time teaching load. 381 more words

SAMR ideas and tasks

Last night I received an email from a colleague asking for some advice and suggestions on how to develop her colleagues’ understanding of the SAMR model. 497 more words

Google Earth navigation hacks

This is the third post about teachers using Google Earth to enhance student engagement with learning. Students are put in charge of creating content to help build context and perspective about any topic they want to study. 490 more words


Flipping the Classroom

The flipped model classroom is a model of teaching which flips what is normally done in the classroom with what is typically done outside of the classroom… 615 more words


Flipped Learning - Another Step Towards Effective Learning

In the twenty-first century, it has been observed that flipped learning is being appreciated by both the teachers and the taught. The learners are getting a better opportunity to understand and keep themselves preoccupied with the lessons. 785 more words


To blend or not to blend?

Blended learning isn’t a new concept in the Higher Ed world. Everyone knows blended learning can provide massive benefits to student learning outcomes and experience – and many universities across Australia are already knee-deep into the process of filtering blended learning practices throughout their courses. 380 more words

Blended Learning