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Great Site for Differentiated Instruction

Remediation and Flipped Learning

Sophia.org has a really innovative set up for many learning modules. Many of the lessons on this site have video tutorials with quizzes. 96 more words


The Joy of Flipped Learning

Flipping is a lot of work. It requires extra front load planning, constant checking in, planning ahead, and dealing with greater parental concerns. It is very hard, to say the least. 183 more words


Research for Teachers? Whatever will they think of next?!

Throughout the past 9 months as a flipped learning educator, I have been asked, “it sounds great, but does it work?”¬† My answer, usually just managing to sidestep¬†the pedantic “define… 756 more words

Flipped Learning

The Joy of Project-Based Learning

Teaching can be a difficult job. We are constantly bombarded with gazillions of things to do, we make about 200 decisions per hour, we have to plan ahead, and we have to be present to the moment at hand. 255 more words


Getting engagement in the classroom

On Monday I went to a Flipped Learning forum where 3 academics talked about how they were getting engagement in the classroom and amongst the students. 531 more words


Small Group Grammar

I start every class with a grammar warmup, which provides formative assessment about how students are comprehending material we are learning. I finally enabled Flubaroo to send emails to students with their scores, and they were able to see exactly what they were getting and where they needed some work. 188 more words