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Women just see me as a piece of ass

It sounds arrogant but everywhere I go I literally have women throwing themselves at me. I work at a customer service desk in a supermarket and I was doing my job (I was actually going through the headache of trying to find sellotape, its never bloody there when you need it!) when a woman asked me where the female toilets were. 987 more words


Captain Swan Moments: The Sequel

Ok, so after everything that happened in 4×08, it’s even more appropriate to continue treasuring the good moments Captain Swan has had SO FAR. Note: Yes there were some good moments between them in 4×08 but I’m looking at the ones that happened prior. 581 more words

Canon Couples

Where not to meet your next lover: The gym

I have never dressed sexily for the gym – I have never seen the point. Either I have been partnered during my stack of memberships or, more usually, I have had no interest in romance among the kettle bells.  904 more words

Dating 101

Crushes And Coquettes

So you met this new guy. It was at one of those impromptu jazz jams. Then you saw him again at your weekly Empower meeting. So you deduce that he’s musically inclined and that he cares about the environment. 515 more words


The day started odd, the dark seemed intriguing,
Even I was amused by the glistening droplets of rain
As they fell jewel by jewel. The silvery strand of… 163 more words

of questions

Because I’m attracted to you, he said.

As I tried to make sense of what he had just said, one of his hands found its way around my waist for the briefest moment and his face came really close to mine, and it felt like my skin was on fire. 326 more words


The Game

You meet a girl. She takes pleasure in her freedom, and perhaps it is wrong for her to do so.

She is in love with attention and its game. 548 more words