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The Pageantry

Let’s play a game
Just you and me.
You may be the victor of this grand scheme
But I am a dark horse,
Finding my way sneakingly to you. 41 more words


A dodgy sailor?

And back to my story…

So here we are with Norah in the summer of 1941 as she enjoys increasingly romantic exchanges with her penpal, Sailor Jim. 989 more words


The Art of 19th Century Flirtation

1. The Society flirt is a war horse: “Society flirtations are rarely guileless. The Society girl’s ears are open, her eyes are keen. She has noted the affairs of her elders; she longs for a flirtation of her own, as the war horse sniffs the scent of battle from afar; but she has no foolish visions of its eternity.” … 658 more words

Transitions are Never Relevant

Here’s something else I’m removing from The Blackened Phoenix. It’s a transition scene that doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s just Morgan and Naomi walking home and flirting. 524 more words

Dirty Old Men at My Cashier Job

Okay, so I just remembered this anecdote from one of my jobs as a cashier and I just HAD to share it before I forgot. 845 more words

When NOT to Flirt

Jean-Pierre (to our teenage son):

“If you want something in life, take it.

Don’t lick it.”

“If you can’t beat them, join them,” the proverb says.  1,065 more words


15.12.06 Later that Evening

I’m writing a little earlier than usual because I will very likely will be drunk later on and I don’t want to forget to write in my journal. 202 more words