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Ms. Bartlet

Story No. 6

6:00am. It’s a rainy Friday morning at Hawthorne Middle School. I’m walking onto campus in my faded baggy jumper, armed with AMPM coffee and keys that unlock every classroom door. 487 more words


Be Careful What You Wish For

It has been almost ten years since I tried my hand at an international relationship. And by international I mean that the woman was living here locally, but she was not from the United States of America. 1,297 more words


My in-between brain-and-skull is
Feeling hot and prickly filled with
Liquid electricity
Flowing out my ear holes and
Oh-My-Fucking-God A
My hands are dead body… 20 more words

The Blush

Rose so ruddy beating blood

In thundering uproarious red

The running in the veins of

Heated feeling pulsed along

The body tide

A wave wide swell… 35 more words



Wonderful day full of fun, so much
Love was radiated we never even noticed
The total lack of sun. How obvious could
You have been? Showing me those luscious lips, 88 more words

Fantasiestucke Movements 1, 2 and 3 performed for Schumann Bicentennial

Tango Schumann (Lindi De Angelis and Anthony Howell) performing in Zwickau for the Schumann Bicentennial 2010.

Movement 1

Movement 2

Movement 3

Schumann saw his music as articulating emotion.   31 more words

Three's Company Chapter Seven The Devil on Your Shoulder

Three’s Company
Chapter Seven: That Devil on Your Shoulder

Cain took the other elevator up to his suite, smiling and not really understanding why. Was it because he wouldn’t be dining by himself tonight or that he may have just made a nice friend? 1,268 more words