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NaPoWriMo: Day 13

One day a friend of mine and I exchanged three words each, the rules being we had to write stanzas that respond to one another using these three words. 127 more words

American History And Culture

Meanwhile . . .

Rewriting, rewriting Free Souls, going all the way back to Chapter 9.  Raising the stakes for my MC and strengthening her motivation to do all this dredging up of her past.   191 more words

Old Work

Strength In Experience, Or Thank God For The March Of Time

Today is my Eleventy-First Birthday!!

Ok. It’s not really my eleventy-first. It’s not even my ninety-first. I’m merely a fetus, by Shire standards. But it is a birthday, and I’m owning it, not mourning it. 714 more words

The Childlike Author Feels... Flirtatious

- given to or inclined to act amorously without serious intentions; prone to play at love; disposed to trifle or toy, as with an idea.

541 more words


A typical family restaurant. At a typically family-oriented hour.

My thoughts are anything but appropriate for children.

I’m watching you from across the bar, sly smile playing on my lips. 130 more words


No, I don’t entirely believe that.

I flirt with many ideas, but I rarely go all the way with any of them.

Is your man an Internet-trolling cheater? (Part 2)

I don’t live in Boston or an ocean community, but I have read about fishermen who fish an entire area, dipping so frequently into mother nature’s resources that, soon, there is nothing left.   628 more words

Cross *him* Off The List!