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The Origins of City Boy, Part I

In which I begin to recount the story of how City Boy and I, with a five-years-three-months age gap, and no overlapping time in our attendance at Cambridge, came to be friends. 2,098 more words

Romantic Classicist

Twink-le Twink-le little Star (bucks)

The effeminate young guy behind the till* in Starbucks this morning was more camp than a row of tents as he took our orders and passed them to the young, sour faced girl lurking behind the machinery. 135 more words


#268. See-you-soon.

Kissing someone a see-you-soon instead of a goodbye.

Happiness Posts

One Day

My heart races, my breathing speeds up

I can feel my skin growing hot,

The natural rouge peering through my skin

Lighting up my cheeks. 103 more words


so what kind of music do you like?

actually, what i googled exactly was: ‘ pleasant playful non-threatening questions you can ask someone when getting to know them. ‘

the top result is this: … 97 more words

The point of utter perfection

“The point of utter perfection” by Tara Louise Kraaijeveld


His hand at my back

Eidyia’s note: I haven’t done this in a while – a look back at what I was writing exactly a year ago. This one, I remember so clearly – and why. 20 more words