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Why Floatation Therapy Can Change Your Life [Infographic]

Renew Float Lounge

You may think it’s too good to be true, but until you’ve experienced floatation in action you’ll just have to take my word for it. 356 more words

Float Tank

My 4th Shamanic Journey - Middle world

Saturday 28th June 2014

I tried it again in the float tank today. I had told someone I would mediate on a reiki symbol they game me to see if I could get any extra meaning out of it for him. 652 more words


My 3rd Shamanic Journey - upper worlds

Saturday 21st June 2014

I tried to journey in the float tank today, I had no drumming on though as it was a spontaneous decision. This time i decided to go to the upper world. 190 more words


Floating away (is awesome) - the experience (part two)

I promised I’d post about my experience floating, but first (as an awesome bonus) – firsthand experience from one of my awesome Paleo f(x) roomies, Brendon.  1,389 more words

Floating away (is awesome) - tips (part one)

(This post has been sitting as a draft for a month. Oops…)

Float tanks were mentioned a few times at Paleo f(x) – Evan Brand mentioned it in the Hacking Stress panel, and a few people mentioned it here and there in discussions. 861 more words

2000's - Regrowth

It wasn’t until the later half of this last decade that floating began to make a resurgence.  With the exception of one (Space Time Tanks in Chicago), every major US float center has opened their doors within the last 3 years.

Early '80s - The Boom

The 80’s truly became a decade of growth for the floatation.  It was during this time that a US Float Tank Association was formed, the first ever organization to represent the floatation industry.   58 more words