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What if I could float?

I’ve been thinking and it has come to my attention that floating could be a very useful ability. I mean walking is great, but imagine the wear and tear you could save on your body if you could just float everywhere you wanted. 718 more words

What If

Tetra Pond Koi Vibrance Floating Sticks 827 Pounds Thinking

Beauty and attraction are among the foremost of the benefits that we get from using a floating pond plant. There are many of these that are the flowering kind and these add more beauty to the still… 348 more words


slow learning

I’m not sure why I thought taking 6 days off in a row would be good for me … especially when I wasn’t particularly in need of a vacation and especially when I had nothing exciting planned and especially when it’s been raining for what feels like an eternity and the vancouver skies are (happiness up in smoke) grey. 1,023 more words

Floating Corner Shelves

Displaying add-ons as the room sweetener is a excellent concept. The add-ons can be proven in the a variety of form, every single of them typically has its personal perform. 29 more words

dewdrop symphony

I’m getting super busy you guys. It’s good and bad. The next two months will be filled with photoshoots for my business, so of course that’s a super thing. 439 more words