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A Different Kind of King

Today, as we in the United States of America move toward the celebration of Thanksgiving for all the blessings we have received, the Christian Church calendar moves toward a new year that begins next Sunday with the first Sunday of Advent, a short season that culminates in the great feast of Christmas. 233 more words

Vocabulary Day 4


1. jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.

Eg: “he leapt on to the parapet”

2. move quickly and suddenly. 400 more words


Where does a flock of starlings end and the sky begin?

This shows a flock, also called a murmuration, of starlings at sunset. The hundreds or thousands of starlings are moving almost as if they are a single body, and mostly there is a pretty clear edge to the flock. 332 more words


Thought #7

For once, I felt loved by my friends. I have a lot of friends but I never experienced something like this. I had this moment that I went flying with my flock of friends. 196 more words



The girls waiting patiently to be let out this morning.

Photography 101: Swarm

Photography 101: Swarm=Small Flock

This is my shot of a swarm.Watch out, there are so many!! I liked the small flock of seagulls’ perspective on the huge ;) crowd of people at the beach. 13 more words


One man and his sheep dog?

Checking on the lambs – apparently it’s called ‘lookering’.

 Matt picked up a couple of followers…

We had a visit from a friend yesterday and he didn’t know that a male sheep castrated before sexual maturity is called a ‘wether’, 60 more words