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Provoking FLOP

The leaked Sony emails seem to not be stopping any time soon, and despite threats from the hackers 9/11 style about releasing that provoking-flop movie… 281 more words

Let's Have A KaKa

Just in time to ruin Christmas the CIA releases its new “enhanced interrogation technique” video:

No this is not Adam Lambert, this is Kris Jenner (a.k.a. 35 more words

And The ANTITHESIS Of Goddess

Stop whatever you’re doing, because this is all kinds of important: for the first time in recent memory, Riccardo Tisci didn’t chose someone who fell out of Kris Jenner vagina as the face of Givenchy. 48 more words

Wally's World

Done with it. As a dog and animal-lover I thought this story would be fascinating, maybe even heroic since dogs are pretty famous for heroic actions (rescue dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, medical detection dogs, etc) yet it was mostly disappointed. 99 more words

Assholes Of The Apocalypse: American Edition

An Arizona news anchor has challenged nasty anti-gay preacher asshole Steve Anderson on his recent call for the stoning to death of all gay people, reports the… 208 more words

WTF?! Amazon inserts ads for Misfire Phone flop into Amazon Prime videos

”I had a ‘WTF???’ moment tonight while watching season 2 of Vikings via Amazon Prime video,” Jim Lynch blogs. “I clicked to continue watching an episode and a damned commercial played for Amazon’s Kindle Fire phone and other devices. 258 more words