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Beautiful Britain!

Thank you all for being so lovely about the blog starting again…..and not even Spanish piccies! I have been kept busy with two new grandsons and long stays in England enjoying my lovely family. 124 more words


Little Positivity

Living in a city amongst tall buildings, huge egos…its a miracle to experience something so little..so tiny, filling your heart with so much joy


Camouflage (Don't look if you're afraid of spiders!)

In the garden there’s an olive tree. Sadly it doesn’t bear olives because the climate isn’t warm enough to support them, even though the tree itself does just fine. 179 more words


Lavender fields forever!

I am hoping to go to Provence next year to visit the beautiful lavender fields, something I have always wanted to see. But today, in Priory Park, Southend, I saw some lovely gardens and some amazing lavender displays. 169 more words


Dargaville and Pouto

Wednesday night we spent at the Northern Wairoa Airfield after an uneventful drive through from Whangarei.

On the way through there we saw a lot of evidence of wind damage to trees and some buildings as well as flood damage in paddocks and around stream and river beds.  Fortunately none of this impeded  our passage and we arrived in good time. 632 more words


Riverscape - Troisième partie

Beynac in the Dordogne, France 2005

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