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While working on my Bachelor’s in Art Conservation, I studied¬†with an amazing and gifted restorer by the name of Nicola Ann Macgregor. ¬† 96 more words

Cupola, conferences, and creativity in the classroom

What a genuinely interesting week this has been so far! Yes, it’s been hectic (with 18 new arrivals this Monday) but so much has been going on, and so by being involved in it all I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of out it. 523 more words


Music that haunts...

I kind of have an obvious bias towards Tuscan culture and may be, that’s why Assassin’s Creed happens to be my most favourite FPS game…and may be that’s why I started watching Da Vinci’s Demon and may be that’s why the only city I really really want to visit in this life is Florence. 28 more words


"Shake It Out"

“It’s always darkest before the dawn”, and the whole shaking-it-out thing … super relevant to what’s going on here at Osho Afroz.

Misc Flux

Florence Calling

So I am slowly, SLOWLY, catching up on posting. While staying in San Donato in APRIL (WHERE does the time go???), we took a local, 45 minute bus ride into Florence several days in a row. 300 more words