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Two Weeks In

I’ve been in Florence for two weeks now (although it feels like I’ve been here for months!), and I’m quickly realising a lot of things about living on my own. 584 more words


Ciao, mi chiamo Morgan

Aaaand that’s about the extent of my Italian. Just kidding! I also know mangio el pane (I eat the bread). And I guess a few other things as well, (i.e. 554 more words


Another day in Florence

Today I didn’t have class until 4pm so I took the time to sleep in, clean the apartment, and explore a bit.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon photographing. 20 more words

Mistakes: An Odyssey.

This week has been a whirlwind.

Meeting new friends, exploring new places, trying new foods. All the “new” has been exhilarating and overwhelming. It seems like one thing people never mention about study abroad is how much work it is, mapping out the city in your mind and seeking out new destinations. 309 more words


The Coming Months

After finishing off a crazy travel filled summer I am back at school and already planning a new trip abroad! I am in the process of organizing a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. 45 more words

A taste of Florence

Two days of classes down! I can’t believe I’ve almost been here for 1 week…it feels like I just got here! The first day of class yesterday was a whirlwind of information, two awesome Italian professors, a trip to the market, and exhaustion. 406 more words

One Week In

Italy has been interesting so far. The drive in and the whole first night I was completely mesmerized by the city and everything about it. It was so different from anything I’ve ever experienced and it looked exactly like a set from a movie. 634 more words