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Can fusion see through newtype wrappers?


newtype MyVec = MyVec { unVec :: Data.Vector } 
  deriving (Functor, etc)

Will Vectors fusion rules fire and rewrite fmap f . fmap g $ myVec… 44 more words

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BCW: Flower Power for Game Boy

 I was just going to do the title screen but then I got carried away

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Bag Lady

Having a bag obsession goes much deeper than looking good and is probably a lot more important than any other accessory in your wardrobe. It represents something about you as a person plus it contains your survival kit for daily life, right? 118 more words


Foundation Grid doesn't fit

I’ve got a problem with my grid when using Zurb’s Foundation. My Plan: on small devices show two ul-elements next to each other (6 columns each) and on medium up I want all four elements in one row. 323 more words

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Is it imaginable to teach a machine how to program itself to a defined specification? [on hold]

A friend of mine without programming knowledge asked me this question and I found it interesting.

I think it is not possible because it would require a really advanced artificial intelligence capable of analyzing the text of a problem, think about a solution and program it. 82 more words

BCW: Early Title Screens

Two early ideas for FlowerPower! title screens. The second one is more cleaned up because it was used as a placeholder for quite a while! … 15 more words

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Florian Nicolle inspired Portrait

An art homework piece/competition entry was set at school called “This is me”. At first I didn’t really have any idea what to create for it, although my sister showed me the artist, Florian Nicolle – a brilliant artist with an awesome style, taking the “slap and dash” ink and paint style. 51 more words