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The original story of the ermine, beaver, and young boar

the ermine, beaver, and young boar,
who had no fortune ‘neath the sun. 314 more words

My Safe Have Creation

SVG with embedded fonts to jpg in shell

I want to render SVGs with embedded fonts and images to JPEGs on my webserver. I tried ImageMagick, but the embedded fonts are not being used. 37 more words

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Is there Standardliterature on compilation of event networks?

Given an arbitrary DAG-based event-network, it should be possible to create an “optimal” imperative representation that it could be compiled to. This probably involves topological sorting and graph reduction algorithms. 32 more words

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Holiday Cheer with The Gentlemen Carolers at Shelly Fireman's Redeye Grill NYC

Shelly Fireman’s Redeye Grill, the updated classic American restaurant, located right off 57th street, in the area best known for entertainment, culture, and shopping– is thrilled to announce that for three Saturdays, December 6th, 13th, and 20th, … 137 more words


JavaFX-8: Can I read (not write) scene graph properties from background thread?

I’d like to write a background thread that automatically saves the position
of a Window to preferences after waiting one second. I understand I cannot manipulate the scene graph from the background and need to call Platform.runLater(), but would just accessing the property also be unsafe? 37 more words

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Fragment navigation with a custom backstack hierarchy

I need to create a specific behavior at some point in my app. I use a navigation drawer and I replace fragments in a frame layout. 155 more words

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Using portaudio on NAO robot

I am trying to use the portaudio libraries on the NAO robot (running a modified Gentoo Linux) to record and play sound.

First, I had to to install portaudio on the robot and for that I followed the instructions on: … 169 more words

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