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An apple a day …

Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida


Buccaneers star Leonard Johnson visits teen who lost leg to amputation following in-game injury

Today @LeshawnWilliams had a special visitor from @TBBuccaneers & Largo Alum Leonard Johnson pic.twitter.com/O84OVc5MER

— Northeast Football (@NEHI_Football) October 29, 2014

St. Petersburg Northeast High lineman Leshawn Williams is still recovering from…

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scenes from a lonely space center

Like many tourist attractions in Florida, the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex has gotten a face lift. It now has a Disney feel, which not only means you end up in the gift shop after the main attraction, but there is also background music playing everywhere you go – the soundtrack for your experience. 173 more words


Just Rogue, chillin’ in the garden.

Did I tell you that they brought me 2 rats in the last 2 weeks? No, the rats weren’t alive (sadly for them), and no, they weren’t in the house. 30 more words


Space Shuttle Atlantis, KSC

I was way overdue to finally visit the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit at Kennedy Space Center since it has been open to the public for over a year. 363 more words



I should be hanging out with Shrek and Princess at Universal Studios today.

Where should you be?