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Flashback Friday - Law Enforcement excesses towards African-Americans in Florida since 1980

Below I will chronicle several incidents of law enforcement excess towards African-Americans in the state of Florida since 1980. This is not meant to provoke a “race war” in the comments section but is intended to raise awareness about what has transpired in this state through the years for those who may not know the history. 695 more words

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Yesterday I took a break from blogging. It’s kind of hard to blog when your heart is not in it. Yesterday, I learned a close friend had been in the hospital. 155 more words

Gratias Ago Tibi, Fr. Brock

The excellent Angela the Archivist over at Stetson has this to share with us today:

I had mentioned to Angela that I suspected Emmett’s diploma was in Latin, but because I didn’t have anything on hand from 1904 (when he graduated), I wasn’t sure. 531 more words

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Christmas in Florida Is A Post Office and a Fort

This is the season in Central Florida when people drive Southeast from Orlando to the town of Christmas to mail their Santa letters and special packages.   178 more words

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21st Century Lens Syndrome

Here’s the latest conumdrum from this week’s research:

I find myself immediately reacting to what I read rather than remembering that life in 1914 did not include things I take for granted in 2014, such as: 631 more words

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Flashback Friday: 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Pensacola

In 1814, Pensacola and Florida was still nominally Spanish territory although the Napoleonic Wars had left much of Spain’s control over its colonial empire in ruins. 456 more words

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