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Speaking at LinuxCon EMEA 2014

I received confirmation and support for my travel at LinuxCon EMEA 2014 which will be in Düsseldorf, Germany from the 13th to the 15th of October. 106 more words


The KDE Randa 2014 meeting, in easy-digestible video format!

In case you were wondering what was going on in Randa, here are some first hand impressions. The video was produced by Françoise Wybrecht (alias Morgane Marquis) and Lucie Robin, and the people in it are the actual participants of the event. 73 more words


Last day at LinuxCon NA 2014

Today the keynotes were dedicated to Openness and Hardware. The first was from a company, Makerbot, which spoke a lot about Openness, but that I saw more as trying to sell their 3D printers, rather then anything else :-( I even learned later from an attendee that they even tend to block innovation with their patents ! 1,004 more words


Secure Boot has arrived

The following is an exerpt from Secure Boot has arrived by Jesse Smith:

Secure Boot, in case you missed all the excitement earlier, is a technology which is supposed to protect computer users from malware by insuring only trusted software can boot on the machine.

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Important Things That Suck

There is truth to graduation speeches, and also petty pieces of wordly advice from elders like, don’t chew ice or walk in tall grass with no shoes. 310 more words

How to contribute to the KDE Frameworks Cookbook

The annual KDE Randa Meeting, in itself already shock-ful of awesome, this year hosted the KDE Frameworks Cookbook sprint. Valorie, Cornelius and I already wrote a lot about it. 892 more words


Take Care of Your Mouth, Please

“Do you floss?”

If I care about you at all, I’ll probably ask you this at some point. Some people ask if you buckle up in the car. 1,821 more words