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15 Beauty Tips it Took Me Years to Learn

As I’ve aged over the years (yes I’m getting old, damn you time! My arch-nemisis!!) I’ve finally learned a few things (beauty-wise) that I wish I’d known years ago.   2,235 more words

Victoria Present

OIL PULLING: No. Just no.

Nowadays millennials can spew out health and beauty fads more fluently than “Anchorman” quotes.  In between the daily struggles of #selfies, compulsively checking Instagram, and stalking your latest crush on Facebook, health and beauty has become less of a focus on health, and more of a focus on a David Copperfield illusion of wellness. 350 more words

Health Promotion

Letter to Joe - Is it me or are most people stuck on repeat?

Day: Last Friday
Weather: Let me put it this way, I went for a stroll and got blown into moving traffic. Yes, the winds were high AND I got drenched AND my boots have a hole in ‘em. 403 more words


My eye on github

I believe 99% of my readers have a GitHub account and use it (at least to backup). If you’re in the 1%, be ashamed and… 303 more words


GNU Health featured on FLOSS Weekly

The GNU Health system is on its way to changing the landscape of Health information service delivery and management in Jamaica and many other places in the world.. 373 more words


My favorite things


Jog.fm is a website that can help you find playlists to match your running pace. Though I’ve known about the website and the ability to find their playlists of Spotify, I just bought the iPhone app. 154 more words


It’s hard to believe that it’s only wednesday; feels like I’ve been at home for ages. Yesterday, I had my nerve removed from the top of my gum and it felt terrible. 551 more words