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She flossed her teeth

She flossed her teeth

until it bled.

She pulled the string

out from between her teeth

and looked at the red

stains on the floss. 34 more words


Rite Aid freebies 7/27-8/2

These are just some freebies i will post more as I find them I have a huge list to go through enjoy these for now :) … 58 more words

Rite Aid

Cotton Candy Floss

Clouds floating

in the bright blue sky

Drifting in another world

Attract me

like a bird

My body

so heavy


I could float

like one… 48 more words


Get Unready With Me

Hey guys! So if you have spent any time at all on YouTube then its guaranteed that you’ve seen one of these videos floating around. So while this obviously won’t be a video it will be mostly photos with captions. 248 more words


My favorite kind of floss. Forget the long thread like string!

I didn’t like it at first when Bear Baby had them, now I’m buying it for myself!


Season 1, Episode 4

It’s been over a month since my last post… A lot has happened, which will be summarizes in this and the following “episodes”.

I received my first “care-package ” from the states. 308 more words


Organizing a Dimensions Kit

Keeping my floss organized when I work is always a challenge. I mean there’s the regular floss, there’s cut lengths of floss, there’s cut lengths that have had a few strands removed to stitch with, and there’s shorter lengths left over after stitching parts of the pattern that need to be held on to until the color is needed again. 517 more words

Cross Stitch