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Like hell, this is our world.

These are a set of experimental photo illustrations/collages I had done for an art competition a couple of years ago. I mixed many photos, (all three are my family at home and/or on vacation) at different moments of time in different places. 233 more words


I know it could be worse

I could be living in parts of the country that are forecast for 12 to 18 inches of snow today. I could be living in places that treat snow a foot deep as “a dusting.” … 155 more words


Be as negative as you possibly can

Most people will tell you how important it is to stay positive. Be positive.

And there’s a lot to be said for positivity.


Friday photo - flotsam in my life

I love walking along the beach and seeing what the storms have thrown up.  The flotsam in the picture was this week’s discovery.  It felt like such a creative expression of what was going on in my life – there was the main rope or thread but all sorts of things had become attached.  156 more words


I'm still here and as random as ever

It’s hard to tell I’m here, because I haven’t posted in waaay too long. But here I am. And here’s an update. Of the extra random, flotsamy variety. 733 more words


Malaysia 370, the Flotsam Evidence of a Crash (Updated)

I have been following the Malaysia 370 search with great interest. The most compelling evidence of the plane’s location was from sophisticated analysis of the pings emitted from satellite located over the Indian Ocean. 364 more words


Flotsam: International Fake Journal Month

If you have ever tried to write anything over a period of time a short story, an essay for class or a journal, you may have thrown in the towel when your inner critic mucked up the process by pointing out every questionable mark on the paper. 349 more words