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Let Your Creativity Flow - By Star West ★

See yourself and others with unconditional love and compassion. Honor your gifts. Be proud of how far you’ve come from where you started, and keep moving forward. 247 more words

Les Cascadeurs Installation By Laurent Gongora Interrupts The Flow Of A Waterfall

Steel triangles protruded from a waterfall in central France to intervene with the cascade of water in this installation by artist Laurent Gongora.

Laurent Gongora attached 24 metal components to the rock behind the Cascade de Vaucoux in France’s mountainous Massif Central area to… by… 7 more words

Thinking about love and courage...

Let me tell you, I sooooo wanted to rescue the bear in the red vest!

It’s grand, nourishing and healing ‘food for thought’ to reflect on the root of the word ‘courage’. 112 more words

A useful working definition of DevOps

There has been a spate of articles published recently – triggered by discussions at the ’2nd DevOps State of the Union’ event – that have identified an apparent… 780 more words


Eyes, cameras, explanations

Matthew Johnstone asks this in his calming book “Capturing Mindfulness – a guide to becoming present through photography.”
“What grabs you visually that you can’t fully explain?” 212 more words

House as Home

In my last post I discussed making your house a home by decluttering one small step at a time. I am not really a small step kind of person because once I get started I can’t wait to see the results. 961 more words

Visions of Now

Visions of what is yet to be
Return to solitude
No wrong no right
Present time exists
Clouds of space
Float so graceful
Across the endless sky… 68 more words

Unspoken Word And Poetry