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Effortless Ease: Love With no Attachment

My Yoga instructor always starts the class by reminding us what Yoga really means: Effortless Ease. Meaning that the only effort that is required comes from a place of love, patience, commitment, while identifying and honoring our limitations. 464 more words

Free and Joyful Expression

Please, love your work.
for in such love
of hand to till
more apt you’ll be
to love me.

Difficult? No it’s not,
to love in your work… 59 more words


Games in a Circle

These games so good and interesting

They give so much awareness and consciousness of ourselves it’s so beautiful

Some see the game others choose not to see they’re playing… 59 more words


Where is the love?

I started this writing with the intention that I am surrounded by people who love me and care for me.  This story emerged.

She sighs…wondering what’s next.   390 more words


The 10 Characteristics of Achieving Flow

We’ve all seen athletes that appear to be operating on a different level than anyone else. We typically use the term “in the zone” to describe this focused state. 968 more words