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"Process Modeling Style" By John Long; Elsevier / Morgan Kaufmann

Process models are typically used within businesses to document existing processes and procedures or as a mechanism for designing process improvements and enhancements, such as automation or consolidation of processes across departments. 412 more words


Fun Flowcharts

A3 paper, whiteboards or be as innovative as you want….(even bring in lego or collectables such as pokemon cards)

Links to science but we are to crate a flowchart for fun to… 24 more words

Problem Solving

Lucidchart Add-on for Google Docs

Add flowcharts, org charts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, and any other type of chart to a Google Doc. Instead of manually inserting diagrams, get our new add-on to work right from your document.

This Flowchart Will Resolve The Biggest Fight In Your Relationship

So many arguments in dating relationships, friendships, and marriages are rooted in one sinister question; where do you want to eat? It becomes a passive aggressive duel that usually ends with neither of you getting what you want and a silent car ride on the way home. 39 more words