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Get to work you bum

I posted this to Twitter yesterday after I came across it, but I want to put it here too because I like it.

One more sale roundup post later, for those of you who like the more numbery/process-based posts, and then I promise I’ll try not to talk about writing for a few days.  :-)


Flowchart: How to Make a Listicle

Click the image for the larger version.

For more info on how to make listicles, go here.


Is Mapping Unfair?

I was thinking about the mapping for my game, because i’m considering giving my players a couple of “work-in-progress” maps of the Maze of Nuromen, representing where they’ve been so far; the first to the group of goblins, who, since they started in the middle of the dungeon, need something for a bit of orientation, and the second for the alpha party, whose mapper is a novice. 694 more words


On flowcharts and pseudocode

The other week I had to write a small overview about flowcharts and pseudocode and their uses for my Introduction to Python class I am taking this semester. 841 more words


Presented more or less without comment

If, like me, you only pay attention to soccer for a month or so every four years (and call it “soccer”) this may come in handy: