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As Summer Fades

As I cut some flowers to bring in this morning, most of them look as if they’re drooping and ready to be done. With the cooler nights we had lately, I think they’ve mustered all the growing they can for this season. 83 more words



    For a few years I’ve been working on an herb garden in my backyard to use in cooking.  I love fresh herbs in salad, marinades for meat grilled outside –  even dried for winter.  214 more words


the shadow on the right belongs to the dying ash. Bed is dug! Now waiting for some of the soil to fall off the clods. Maybe the squirrels will help.


of the way done digging an enlarged bed in the front yard around the existing arrowwood viburnum. Planning to move in two shrub roses plus a tall phlox. 15 more words

Tarantula nebula

This is Tarantula nebula, it is 170,000 light years away nestled within the Large Magellanic Cloud, which be seen in the Southern Sky just above the centre of this image there is a huge cluster of very hot stars called R136.   246 more words

My Gifted Garden

No, I don’t have a magical super smart garden. I’m just lucky enough to be gifted an entire flower bed of plants, which I’m now calling “my gifted garden.”  Since we purchased a new construction house, we have a LOT of blank space to fill in our yard. 568 more words

Bargain Scores

Everything Grows

Well, almost everything grows. Unless it doesn’t. The cucumber has refused to grow this year. First it was too cold, then it was too wet. That was immediately followed by it being too hot. 206 more words