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Glorious Zinnias and an Antique Coffee Cake

Zinnias are among my favorite flowers, being colorful and unpretentious, and last Friday when Jim and I took a drive through some nearby country towns, we saw stands of glorious zinnias everywhere. 714 more words


Helenium Mardi Gras

Helenium Mardi Gras or Sneezeweed will light up any garden with yellow and orange petals that surround a deep chestnut cone.


Another Strange But Beautiful Wildflower

There are still so many photos that I could upload to my blog, but this is not happening due to the fact that it´s a pain to write articles since the latest changes here on WordPress… 344 more words



Summer’s final hand.
Grab a bunch before it’s gone.
Joy’s in the taking.


Sunday's gift

Sunday’s blooming tall.
Flowers, reaching for the light.
Blue sky welcomes all.


Old stuff

Is old stuff ‘hot stuff’?
It’s all in the perception.
Well, somebody’s blooming.


Rainy Day View

Garden viewed through a rain-spattered window…