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Flower Power pt. 27

The Flower Power photo project is almost over :( But there are more awesome photo projects to come in the near future! Stay tuned :)

Death of A Hippie

Here I lie on my bed, helplessly hoping and holding onto the familiar faces of my love ones who surround me with their warmth. I wished I could fly right now. 1,482 more words

Mr. Nobody

Imagining Jah

Let me tell you how I feel today. As you read this imagine the deep bass of a soul-filled dark-skin brotha drumming his heart out as my halfcast sista crying out her misery and sorrows on the mic as her naturally big dreaded afro taking each and every  impacts of  her emotional-filled body movement. 1,193 more words

Mr. Nobody

Flower Power pt. 26

I saw these flowers and was amazed at how lovely they are. I forgot what they’re  called, but they were quite a sight because they were bathed in light, when around them the other flowers were covered by the shadow of the trees above. 35 more words

Seeking Comfort, Signs of Dawn & Roses

It’s Tuesday and I am  already looking forward to the weekend. It’s so cold these days, that I have actually lost my appetite and the will to drink water. 139 more words

C'est La Vie