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Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plants are interesting plants, because they eat insects. These plants are native to the Southern US. They’re found in bogs and marshy areas . They combine colorful flowers with striking, tube-like pitchers that trap and digest insects.


Liz William's Flower Barge - 2012

This beautiful barge and houseboat has been a “must see” attraction at the Gibson’s, British Columbia harbour for ten years or more. Incidentally, for those Canadians who remember The Beachcombers on TV, this is where it was filmed.   14 more words


Rain Makes for a Beautiful Morning - April 24th

It’s a rainy day here in the Ozarks, hard to believe its April 24th, crazy how fast time goes by. It’s almost May! Now if I could just make time slow down a little bit more so I can enjoy it a little bit more.

Have a blessed day!