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One More Time

Well..we have one more ToeTime and we will be done with the Toe…Hal-La-Luer….
Day four for me…no smoking of these 🚬…and my smeller is working over time…remember Daddy’s worm 🐛 of a dog..well the smell in the carpet is very strong…I think I like the smell of cigs better…😖 132 more words

Arts And Crafts

Blue - Teardrops

I have shed one million tears
And maybe two or three
Damp they made my pillow case 48 more words

There Was A Bowl Game At Soldier Field Last Night But For Kids & Not College!

If you saw the lights on and heard the crowd roar at Soldier Field last night, it wasn’t a Thursday Night Football Bears game, it was the Mum Bowl! 74 more words


A much closer look at pavonia mallow

Here’s another look at one of the wildflowers you saw last time, Pavonia lasiopetala, which people call rose mallow, rose pavonia, and pavonia mallow. I had this close encounter of the photographic kind in Great Hills Park on October 20. 30 more words


Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Fig!

You don’t give a fig? Why not?

Because -

These are actually loquats!  – Sparky the squirrel’s favourite snack.

post script: Where’s the quote from?  71 more words