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SIzzling Sissinghurst (A English Country Garden)

These are photos of a day in Spring at Sissinghurst, Kent.  I’m not a photographer but I select subjects to photograph through a maker/artists eye – contrasts of materials, contrast of colours, scale, symmetry.   111 more words


flowers on the lawn

walk by something

and it has a message

and its own theme

and where has it been

and what is the scheme

and how is it always… 45 more words



I took this photo last week but when I was going through my albums, I decided it best represented what’s in my heart tonight. Big, sunny, yellow, happy, HOPE. 20 more words


White bracelet and earings set - FIMO

This is a set in white color with blue and turquoise on it. Enjoy! :)


Purple brooch - FIMO

It seems that the people around me like very much purple color. so there is a brooch that matches with many clothes. Enjoy! :)


No Butterflies on the Butterfly Bush, But ...

This gallery contains 8 photos.… at least one Rufous Hummingbird has found a use for buddleja davidii … as a perch! Let’s hope it grows on them a bit more than that. 365 more words