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blood flows

what makes you so angry with the world

and why is the pain we see

something that just moves and takes you down

and how is it a necessary movement… 43 more words


Rotterdam Urban Metabolism

As a part of the IABR a vizualizations of the flows of life of Rotterdam are made.

Shame there is no sound with the online video’s, but one could imagine a voice like David Attenborough’s.

found here

MOVOKEUR - Barcelona social centres by average age, each year

This image is taken from a presentation by Claudio Cattaneo entitled A quantitative analysis of squatted social centres in Barcelona (download pdf)

More work on Barcelona and other cities can be found on the squatting europe kollective website


Spiritual illumination

From – The Infinite Way

By Joel Goldsmith

P. 33 & 34


Chapter:   Spiritual Illumination


        Spiritual Illumination enables us to discern the spiritual reality where the human concept appears to be. 348 more words


Our Heart will guide us to live a wonderful life.


Summer Rain

Ah, the cleansing, satisfying, cooling rain of summer…how sweet it is. Today is Sunday and it is afternoon. The rain started about two hours ago and has fallen steadily, uniformly and with confidence. 370 more words

Come Closer, My Friend

Waves greet the shoreline
then ebbs; Shore waits patiently
for her friend’s return.

L and Muse

Reflections On Daily Life