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Email update

Thank you for everyone who has been talking about this. It has been good for the talks I have been having with my husband. I am sort of shocked that the suburban domme decided to use my email but very glad she did. 381 more words


Sunday, 04.06.14 - Training

12 rounds @ Z1:
:60 row
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:60 bear crawl
:60 AirDyne
:60 rope


Lots of sweating in this one, felt really good to move around. 16 more words


Fredericksburg Lit Review

Hitting the publish button is always exciting.

Elizabeth, Reilly, and I finally put to bed our second issue of FLR, and we are so proud. We are also grateful that people sent us their work. 100 more words


Why Can't It Be All About Me?

I had a rough week. ¬†Nothing earth-shattering, just a series of small things that didn’t go my way and built upon one another to shake me up. ¬† 1,100 more words

Naval Gazing

Cross Dressing

My wife loves a manly man; I love being a manly man, But I have the twark about me that loves wearing women’s clothing. She know about it but doesn’t totally approve. 775 more words


Flicker of zen

I had one of those epiphanous moments last night while struggling with my inability to sleep and my insatiable hunger for all things pornographic and sexual and my grumpiness at Belle’s apparent disinterest in having sex with me even after all the very helpful hints I’ve been dropping lately. 743 more words

Life With Belle

Deutsche Bank's Eight True Dividend Growth Stocks to Buy Now

The rising volatility in the stock market has become somewhat similar to the yellow light on a traffic light. No reason necessarily to stop, depending on where you are, but by the same token, one needs to proceed with caution. 922 more words