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092714 SAT

9/27 SAT

Back squat 5 x 5 (target range 80%)
* This marks the beginning of new cycle – expect to see changes
* If you miss squats today – make up day is Monday…
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Yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time in my company’s conference room. Due to the nature of my job, I’m often subjected to serial meetings that can leave me in there for hours at a time (which is why, when we remodeled the office, I spent so much time and money on it). 419 more words

Life With Belle


On the subject of the significance of a chastity device, I just said:

Of course, it is a sex toy. But the “only” part doesn’t really do it justice.

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Life With Belle


Over the weekend, Belle let me come the way I’ve been waiting for. As I said, each of the previous recent opportunities have been less than optimal from my point of view. 478 more words

Life With Belle

Get up in there

So since my last post, she’s let me come twice more. If you’re me, that seems like a ridiculous number. None of them were especially great since they all happened with her on top. 257 more words

Life With Belle