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Flu Season and Essential Oils: Understanding Individual Oil properties (including a chart!)

Flu Season is in full swing. RSV, Influenza, Enterovirus, Pertussis, Gastroenteritis, Strep, Sinusitis bla bla bla-bla bla. And as I mentioned before,  I don’t want to wait until something icky hits the family. 381 more words

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Public bathroom hand dryers 'splatter' germs everywhere: research

TORONTO – Just when you thought public restrooms couldn’t get filthier: British research suggests that ‘jet-air’ hand dryers are spreading germs into the air and onto patrons nearby. 312 more words


Hand-Dryers Spread Bacteria (doh!)

A new study from the Journal of Hospital Infection showed that hand dryers in public restrooms may actually spread more germs.  Germ counts in the air after using high powered hand dryers  were… 265 more words

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新しい手の洗いかた (a new way to wash your hands)

can’t remember if I’ve already taken a pic of this and posted it


it’s hand sanitizer

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Get Vaccinated!

A friendly reminder from your local health department…

Remember, you can get your flu shot from your doctor, your local health department, or pharmacies such as Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Flu Season

Healthful tips to getting you through the cold season

It’s inevitable, cold and flu season is here and well on its way to taking over. Every year many of us dread the colder months because with cold weather comes germs! 413 more words

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7 Foolproof Tips For Fighting Cold, Flu Without Medicine

We have seven tips for you  to fight cold natrually this winter season.

Cold and flu season is now upon us beauties, so that means it’s time to think about preventative measures to avoid coughing, sneezing and hacking all over your coworkers, friends and family. 942 more words