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Tips and Tricks: Flu Season

It’s that time of year again! The emails go out to teachers and parents telling them that students are starting to get the flu. Here at Complete Care Systems we thought we would share some tips and tricks on how to avoid the flu this year. 255 more words

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UPDATED: Paradigm Shift and Alfred Webre, Connecting the 911 dots! September 29, 2014

UPDATED: At about minute 16-17+ Alfred offers his opinion as to why the United States military hasn’t stepped in and stopped this insanity. . . ~J… 211 more words


Enterovirus D68: How Can You Keep Your Children Safe?

By: Wieke von Scheidt

With the start of the Fall season people have not only the flu to worry about, people are getting increasingly concerned about a virus, called Enterovirus D68 that is spreading slowly from state to state. 324 more words


America's PreparAthon Day!

The day is finally here – America’s PreparAthon!!!!!! Today is the official preparedness event. I hope that everyone was able to get registered in time. This is the time for you, your family, your friends, and even different organizations to learn about preparedness in your area. 163 more words


Questions? Comments?

Just because National Preparedness Month is coming to an end, doesn’t mean that we won’t be here to answer any questions. We encourage you to utilize all the information we provided this month to keep yourself and your family prepared throughout the entire year! 21 more words

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Fall is almost here, flu season looms ahead

WICHITA, Kansas – Fall is just beginning and that means flu season will soon follow.

Health officials say this flu season, like most, is unpredictable and this year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is releasing new guidelines in the fight against influenza. 277 more words