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11 Most Toxic Vaccine

It’s been only 70 years since World War II, and the mad scientists from companies like I.G. Farben, BASF, Hoechst, Dow and Bayer, who created the gas chambers and tested dangerous vaccines on innocent Jews, didn’t just go away. 1,080 more words


It's Not About You

Getting the annual flu vaccine. Staying home when you have a cold. These ideas are not just about you. They are also about everyone around you and their loved ones. 424 more words

Ulcerative Colitis

Rebranding the flu vaccine

“It is estimated that in a given year an average of 12,200 hospitalizations related to influenza may occur; and that approximately 3,500 deaths attributable to influenza occur annually.”

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Hello all visitors this is my first blog post to say hello to the world in 2014

Winter is approaching now it is time to consider vaccinating our children against the flu.Beleive it or not, almost 1500 Australian children are hospitalised each year for the flu.

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Public Health in the News - March 30


Public Health

Discounted Flu Vaccines for Students

I have recently been talking with the Universities health team over in the Waikato about health services offered to students studying at the Hamilton campus, and apparent lack of similar services at the Tauranga campus. 308 more words