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15-05 Story 2: The flu: It's bad this year


Synopsis: The 2014-2015 flu season started much earlier than normal and so far has been much more severe than usual. Experts explain how this year’s mismatch occurred between the flu vaccine and the predominant strain of flu, and how people can protect themselves in spite of the ineffective vaccine. 1,402 more words


Five Child Deaths in WI: Flu Season as Bad as 2009's Swine

Health officials say five Wisconsin children have now died from complications relating to the flu. Wisconsin is second to Texas with seven pediatric flu deaths. So far 56 children nationwide have died of flu complications. 424 more words

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On my way to a guilt trip

I don’t know about many moms and this just may be me but I feel absolutely guilty for not giving the kids their flu shot… 127 more words


Five-year-old girl dies of very same flu strain she was vaccinated against

(NaturalNews) Another youngster has been reported dead after getting a flu shot, the latest victim of an ongoing genocide campaign masquerading as medicine. Five-year-old Kiera Driscoll allegedly developed a cough and fever not long after getting jabbed, claim reports, and just hours later collapsed, was put on life support, suffered cardiac arrest and died. 577 more words

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Flu vaccine offered little or no protection in Canada this year: study

TORONTO – This year’s flu vaccine offers little or no protection in Canada against becoming sick enough to require medical care, a study published Thursday suggests. 829 more words


The flu still a concern across Alberta: officials

Health officials say the flu is still a concern in Alberta.

While the number of cases is slightly higher in the Calgary zone, more people have been hospitalized in the Edmonton area. 113 more words


Boost Your Immunity Naturally- Forgo the Flu Vaccine!

It’s that time of year. It’s Flu season, it’s the season for every kind of illness to make the rounds. People flock to their pharmacies and doctors to get their flu shots, in hopes that it can prevent them from getting sick. 277 more words

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