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Modern Life As Seen Through The Prism Of Waiting For A Flu Shot At Rite-Aid

We were seated in the little waiting area. We had finished the booklet of this month’s health tips from the Rite-Aid wellness program. It tried to prove how kale has just fantastic health benefits by showing kale in smoothie form. 203 more words


Ode to a Cold

It took me two weeks to get over the most recent cold that I had. I don’t typically get colds. In fact, I usually get only one a year that usually turns into a sinus infection wherein I am unable to breathe. 358 more words

Thoughts on the Mystery Virus, Enterovirus D-68

By Carol Blair, DiHom, CNC Natur-Tyme Wellness Educator

A mysterious respiratory virus (actually known as enterovirus D-68) affecting mostly children has been spreading throughout the country. 305 more words

Pregnant Women and the Flu: Why Influenza Is More Dangerous for Expectant Moms

Only 50% of pregnant women get the flu vaccine, but they’re among the most vulnerable to influenza. When mothers-to-be catch the virus, they tend to get much sicker than other healthy adults, and it increases their risk for delivering prematurely. 360 more words

Recipe: Mighty honey, ginger and lemon trio against nasty autumn cold

Today we all were here at the North surprised by the very fist snow this.. well, it’s still autumn.  I had almost tears in my eyes because I love snow but I also know that this snow when it comes will stay for half of year. 175 more words


Becoming a NOT-so WORN OUT WOMAN

Oh man! This was a week I had severe fatigue, migraines, dizziness, shooting cramps and even had the nerves to catch the Flu!! Boy was I upset with myself!! 545 more words

Fighting Enterovirus with Essential Oils

You have heard about it, Enterovirus.  It is striking hard and fast, quickly spreading all over the country.  You see it all over the news and facebook.  840 more words