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Coco & DeVille sample pieces

The samples of the first ever Coco & DeVille sweatshirts came today and they look amazing. They come in pink and blue and pink and yellow, the matching dog coats will be ready tomorrow!

The best picture of a chick

As I often struggle to come up with original ideas, I thought I would take a leaf out of Jon’s holiday book with a quick, easy and simple photo. 65 more words

Oh So Close!

Oh So Close

The seed heads of a fluffy weed that turns a glorious rusty red in the afternoon light. Up really, really close – I cropped the hell out of this one just to see how far I could on my new, very new camera. 53 more words


Teaser (Chapter)

Nama : Byungiie hun

Title :    ?????

Rated : T

Genre : Hurt, Romance, Friendship, Angst, Fluffy, Comfort, Au, School life

Length : Chapter

Main Cast : ???   1,028 more words


Hatching day is always exciting with embryology programs. This year’s hatching was even more exciting, because I incubated a group of eggs in the office. This round of chicks and eggs were used to research this process and gain a better understanding for myself. 66 more words