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No Mercy

(I wrote this yesterday, but due to the storms couldn’t post it)

I figured today would be the hardest day if recovery and that feeling wasn’t betrayed. 601 more words


Check in: Being social/The right meds

I spent today with a friend of mine from uni; he’s a year below me doing the same course, and he wanted some ideas on his dissertation. 264 more words


New Pills.....

I got round to seeing the doctor – now I’m taking fluoxetine.
Not had this one before… it comes in green and yellow capsules. Is that to make happy pills look “happy” ? 79 more words


Damn I fucked up.

But it’s okay I’m not a failure. I’ve been restricting and that’s my trigger. Not super intentionally but I think the side effects of my medication wore off so I felt the urge like no tomorrow. 91 more words

Am I Paranoid Or Is This A Placebo..?

It’s kind of out-there I know, but it’s most definitely something I’ve discussed with a lot of people and thought about myself when being on medication. 852 more words

Mental Health


I’m begging you to work .

Please …

Bendy Mind .

Antidepressants: Part 1

I have been on a number of different anti depressants over the past 20 years. I cannot remember the names of all of them, but I do know that they were mainly SSRIs. 438 more words