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Am I Paranoid Or Is This A Placebo..?

It’s kind of out-there I know, but it’s most definitely something I’ve discussed with a lot of people and thought about myself when being on medication. 852 more words

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I’m begging you to work .

Please …

Bendy Mind .

Antidepressants: Part 1

I have been on a number of different anti depressants over the past 20 years. I cannot remember the names of all of them, but I do know that they were mainly SSRIs. 438 more words

Appointment with the psychiatrist

So I’m going to start on fluoxetine tomorrow morning and I have booked in for an appointment at three weeks to see him again. He’s so lovely. 231 more words

Who's tried Prozac or fluoxetine?

How was it for you?

Were there any side effects?

Could you still drink alcohol??

The red pill, the blue pill, or neither.

The box of pills has been sat on my desk, unopened, for about a week now: staring at me, tempting me, pulling me closer. I have no reason to resist; up to this point I haven’t taken any medication to regulate my mood swings despite having more than enough reason to, for I only have to look at the lingering scars to remind myself of that. 467 more words


Fluoxetine - 4 Months + Update

Hello everyone,

I cover many topics in this entry so for your convenience I have titled each section. That way you can skip to the one you’re interested in reading should you not wish to read a particular section. 784 more words