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A Quick Update

Many have asked, so I figured I should probably post an update.

Right after my meltdown yesterday, I went to see my doctor. Yes, he was there. 426 more words


The Week Before Starting Anti-Depression Meds

It sure has been awhile since I last wrote.  In fact, breaking my journaling habit has been somewhat liberating.  I think what got me to stop writing was just the fact that I seldom if ever go back to read what I write, and I know no one really is interested in reading what I write anyway.  1,918 more words


I'm About to Break

I cannot take this anymore
Saying everything I’ve said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try to live life without the help of Prozac.

857 more words

I won't let you hurt me

Stop telling me you’ll be there for me.

I don’t need to hear that you’re around every day

Don’t look at me, don’t use that gentle tone. 334 more words


Fluoxetine - 6 Month Update

It has been some time since I have written here. But today I am here to update you on how I am doing 6 months into taking Fluoxetine. 363 more words

No Mercy

(I wrote this yesterday, but due to the storms couldn’t post it)

I figured today would be the hardest day if recovery and that feeling wasn’t betrayed. 601 more words


Check in: Being social/The right meds

I spent today with a friend of mine from uni; he’s a year below me doing the same course, and he wanted some ideas on his dissertation. 264 more words