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Day 30

It’s been an embarrassing amount of time since I last did a post, considering I wanted it to be helpful for others going through a similar process. 683 more words


Day 1 fluoxetine 20mg

So how did I get here? Who am I? What am I doing and why?

I’m a thirty something year old male, I have it made is what people think. 20 more words


Dreams & depression

I’m a 23 year old girl. I live in manchester and I suffer from depression. People cope in different ways, and I hope that writing about my experiences will help. 685 more words


seventeen days ago

It got to the point that I wasn’t ok with how anything was going anymore. Everything around me came crashing down. There was nothing inherently wrong, but that’s what was so scary. 1,491 more words


Something Wicked This Way Comes

Halloween is almost here and something wicked this way comes.  The cackling of a witch is not what I hear, but a much more menacing sound. 1,274 more words


I feel nervous. Constantly nervous. There isn’t a lump in my throat, but an aggregation of immobilized emotions.
And weak. I want this feeling to end but I don’t have the energy to end it. 615 more words


Fluoxetine Day 126

Well, it’s been a considerable amount of time since I started taking antidepressants, and I think I can make some safe assertions at this point (although this is by no means a scientifically robust, it’s just little anecdotal evidence for anybody going through the same thing). 326 more words