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Fluoxetine - Second Month!

Hi everyone!

I mentioned that I would update again as soon as it was time for my second month taking Fluoxetine. If you’re new to my blog I’ve already documented my treatment for my PMDD using this new medication for one month. 473 more words

The bad dog dilemma

This post is somewhat off-topic. I wrote it several months ago, after a very stressful year with an adopted German Shepherd who had been diagnosed with fear aggression. 1,510 more words

Animal Research

Fluoxetine (Prozac) Diaries #1

Hey guys!

So, my p dr prescribed me 10mg of fluoxetine. I’ve been taking it roughly one month now. I was prescribed it for anxiety, OCD and mood, however i’m not seeing much improvement… 300 more words


Quick update on my experience with fluoxetine (day 8)

JUST A HEADS UP…everyone is different, so individuals will react differently to different types of medication. My experiences may be similar to others who have taken it, on the other hand, someone might experience no side-effects, less side-effects or more. 231 more words


Trying not to be sweaty or boring!

This weekend I went to support my boyfriend and hisĀ friends who completed the Brighton Marathon for the 2nd time. How inspiring it is to watch all the runners complete that amazing feat! 603 more words

On Wednesday my doctor prescribed me an anti-depressant.

Today shall be my 5th day taking the anti-depressant Fluoxetine. Just before I started taking it, I did the usual google searcg into any side-effects, personal stories about it & general information as to what it is and it’s efficacy. 316 more words


My first post, so I should tell you about myself, right?


My name? Irrelevant. My thoughts & feelings? also irrelevant. Yet I am shall force them up onto this blog.

“Unexpressed feelings never die…” Where is this quote from? 416 more words