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A couple of weeks ago Tumbona Ediciones officially presented El arte correo y el Gran Monstruo (Mail Art and the Big Monster) and  717 more words


We're oh-so close to the finish line

Well, it looks like I’m done. I’ve completed almost, if not all of my assignments for this term. The end of my BFA’s Year 1 is oh-so close! 727 more words

Final Project

Flowers #28

Flowers # 28


          cool                   agents of hardcore                        trajectory annihilation

                                                                   angels        flow to entry and disappearance                     stiletto satin

floats white bird evaporation             blue steel

portraits… 14 more words

12: Chance operation

Chance Operations are methods of generating poetry independent of the author’s will. A chance operation can be almost anything from throwing darts and rolling dice, to the ancient Chinese divination method, I-Ching, and even sophisticated computer programs.

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An Open Letter to Yoko Ono.

Dear Yoko,

I wanted to write this to you in thanks of reminding me of something I had almost forgotten.

You know that feeling you get when you’re on holiday? 472 more words


Blog 2: Fluxus

First, what is this ‘Fluxus’? Well it’s not a person but a mixture of art mediums that range from experimental music, poetry, performance and many more during the 1960s and the 1970s. 281 more words

Experimental Film – Materialist, Structuralist, Fluxus

Week 5.

The idea of experimental cinema was instigated from the 1920s European avant-garde movements and was further explored in post-war American avant-garde. It embodies various filmmaking styles that oppose mainstream and commercial filmmaking. 368 more words