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Indeterminate Day Procedure #1

Step 1

Write down a list of activities. The list should be as long as possible. In order to benefit from the experiment in terms of productivity, the list may contain errands or work that needs handling. 246 more words

Life Art

Ideas for Creative Leisure

Saturday January 24th, 1-6pm

@ Public Pool 3309 Caniff Avenue, Hamtramck

Join us this Saturday for “Ideas for Creative Leisure” a picnic workshop focused on accumulating both inspired and mundane ideas for recreation. 65 more words

Public Pool

More thoughts on Projection

I’ve been trying to sort out what I am doing now with the projection stuff and why….?

And how it fits into my proposal ..if indeed it does. 303 more words


Art's Birthday

January the 17th is Art’s Birthday according to Robert Filliou, a French Fluxus artist, who proposed “Art’s Birthday” in 1963. He suggested that a million years ago there was no art. 78 more words


Summary from Node Pajomo

As the editor of Node Pajomo zine doesn’t like online appearance we won’t upload any pictures about this awesome zine full of with mail art listings and descriptions of various zines and cds. 36 more words

News | Hírek

Scores to Life To... the book version!

A book documenting two years of word and instructional art. The interest in abstracting The Score,  as used for performance creation, to stand alone artwork, came from my training with Anna Halprin, pioneer of modern dance. 36 more words

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