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Twist & Shout Nymph

The Twist & Shout Nymph


  • Size 12 Hook
  • Tungsten Bead
  • Red UTC 70 Thread
  • Fire Orange or Neon Green UTC 140 Thread
  • Clear Cure Goo Hydro…
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The HobGoblin Nymph

The HobGoblin


  • Size 12 Hook
  • Tungsten Bead
  • Black UTC 70 Thread
  • Green UTC Holo Tinsel
  • Peacock Krystal Flash
  • Copper Wire
  • Peacock Herl
  • Clear Cure Goo Hydro…
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October FOTM: White rolled muddler

October here on the coast is both the time of both warm days, low clear rivers and of downpours and turbid, swollen streams. It is also the time of big aggressive fall trout (not limited to sea run cutthroat, but also including browns, bulls, rainbows, steelhead and occasionally an aggressive coho or chum).  401 more words

Manly Ways Of Playing With Tinsel And Pretty Feathers

Time To Start Looking For The ladies

Well the trout season is over for another year and now time to look forward to the grayling season ( providing the weather plays the game ) 32 more words

Andrew Cartwright




Size 12 Hook

Brown UTC 70 Thread

Wapsi SLF Prism Sand Dubbing

Clear Cure Goo Hydro


  1. Apply the thread to shank part of the hook and clip off any excess.
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Connor's Jerk

by Connor Jones via Gink & Gasoline 

a simple to tie, great profiled, minimally explained (big bonus points !), all-purpose baitfish imitation that’s cute and sexy, easy to cast because it won’t hold water for long, wiggles and jiggles the way a baitfish imitation should and all that to a nice soundtrack by Adrian Belew. 39 more words

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing for Crappie

Best Fly Fishing For Crappie Techniques

Fly fishing is one of the most fun methods with your clothes on techniques when crappie fishing in our Southern waters. 829 more words