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The Zudbubbler Bass Popper - Fly tying

All of this cold weather has me thinking of summer and, nothing is more fun than catching bass on a popper. The felling when a smallmouth launches out of the water and smashes a popper is one that you don’t forget. 187 more words


Partridge and Light Cahill soft-hackle

Some more production tying last night at currentseams HQ. Partridge and Light Cahill soft-hackles. So simple. And so effective during an emergence of the creamy mayflies we get on late spring evenings on the Farmington. 167 more words

Steve Culton

Peacock & Red

The fly presented in this post takes a little from the West and a little from the East. It’s based on the Black & Peacock Spider which is a very famous all purpose wet fly used to imitate a range of bugs and has many variations. 155 more words


The Hippy Chick _ White River Fly Tying Video Series

Here’s a pattern to be stocking up on as we close in on another Shad Kill. Yep the weather is going to have to get a damn sight colder, but that can happen, this is the Ozarks… 524 more words


Pink Panther Steelhead Pattern

A Jack Hagan (NW Fly Fishing Outfitters~Portland) pattern


January Sun

Hit the river for the day. I tied a few flies this morning and hit the river around 10:30 ish. The fog was just starting to burn off when I got to the first spot on the upper river. 728 more words