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My wish of travelling the world is growing more and more everyday… I wish I had the time and the money to do that!!!

But even if I did.. 82 more words

Jaejoong 2004 – (Hát) I Believe I Can Fly

Jaejoong 2008 – (Sáng tác và hát) Wasurenaide – Anh muốn trở thành ngọn gió và bao bọc em trong vòng tay, anh muốn bay đến thế giới của em… 228 more words



I was feeling an air of excitement and happiness when I found out that I was going to Melbourne. Not only for the amazing city, or the coast, or the Australian joie de vivre, I was happy because I was going to see my little brother!


via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/nmhSDD

We alldream,
A dream of flight,
I’ve taken that dream,
I’ve beaten the challenge!



Funny Bird. At the beach


Are you tired of playing the same ugly birds games?

Try “Funny Bird. At the beach”… and enjoy a fun and challenging adventure at the beach! 109 more words

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