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Oh The Control Freaks, and How I Find Every. Single. One of Them

My picker is broken, for friends and the like. And apparently I didn’t learn my lesson the first time with the phone business. This is going to be a long, frustrated rant. 1,614 more words

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idiotprufs: the Blog That's Just too Big For One Tagline

Are you sick of taglines? Too bad.

I’ve decided to rotate taglines starting with what seemed to be the favorite from the previous list: Read by four out of five drunken monkeys–written by the fifth. 638 more words

Targeted by The Flying Monkey Abuse by Proxy Part 2

Christmas Eve Antics 13 days After Leaving

Over Christmas my boss was on vacation. I had already talked to him about JR, and let him know that JR’s next move would be to jeopardize my job. 1,326 more words

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I See Patterns - False Alarm, the End is Not Near

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve gotten great about seeing patterns. And I’m pretty good with puzzles.

I got to thinking about this today after speaking with my co worker “T”. 141 more words

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30x30 Challenge Completed!

I did it. Barely. Installation for this show was supposed to be Wednesday, but I had to push that back one day. I needed to make scans of the artwork and my beloved old… 158 more words