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Flying the Edge of America, flight to #Yuma #travel #adventure http://youtu.be/swUQp2igwMk


Crazy Action Joe

Action Joe signed up for the Army not knowing what he was in for, Joe must get passed enemy lines in an un imaginable way, he must be fired by cannon into the unknown, see how far you can get Joe to go so he can get home to his loving family Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

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Wordless Wednesday

This is my first #WordlessWednesday post.  Just a few pics from my trip to Minnesota for my Auntie’s memorial service.


Sleep Easy

Do you have trouble sleeping when you’re traveling on airplanes or in cars… or any other form transportation? Or do you simply just feel uncomfortable sleeping in hotels- thats less than ideal in the Summer season!  57 more words



The oddest question in any language may be: Do you like flying?

Sure, if you mean like Superman — soaring effortlessly through the air, arms extended, breeze rippling through my steel fiber hair as I gaze down with enhanced vision – even x-ray vision – on all the beauties and wonders of the rolling landscape. 327 more words


Seeing Things

Daryl’s eyelids drooped as he looked out the window. After a few minutes of watching the ground flow passed like water, something green on the wing drew his attention. 128 more words


Five reasons why I hate buses.


Reading this article on The Waiting about the annoyances of flying got me thinking about how much I absolutely love flying, despite all the niggles. That in turn got me thinking about how much I absolutely… 1,048 more words

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