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Girl Crush: Miranda Kerr

Every girl has a girl crush. For some it’s Kim Kardashian, for many it is Beyonce, but for me it’s super model Miranda Kerr. I absolutely adore this Australian beauty for her intelligence, view on life and knowledge about nutrition. 469 more words

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Funny Flynny

I love Flynn’s cute smile because he’s funny. Here are lots of photos.


Dangers of Invention and the Need to Blur Lines Between Discourse Communities

David Bartholomae’s “Inventing the University” discusses the difficulties students face when entering the academic discourse community as a process of invention: a student “has to invent the university by assembling and mimicking its language while finding some compromise between idiosyncrasy, a personal history, on the one hand, and the requirements of convention, the history of a discipline, on the other hand. 547 more words


Hunting on Halloween

The reasons why I enjoy this time of year could be counted on both hands, with sentiments both inspiring and bittersweet behind each tale. I have lived as both prince and pauper through a litany of autumns, with an eternity of them waiting to add another pen stroke to an already full existence. 5,027 more words


Entering Academic Discourse as "Other"

If I were to sort through my proverbial Rolodex of labels that have been placed upon me in my educational experience, the ones that probably caused the most feelings of alienation between me and the “Academy” were those of “woman,” and to a greater extent, “poor.” 429 more words


Flynn wraps road season with Ontario title

The last weekend of August marked the end of the Ontario road season, with the Provincial Criterium Championships on Saturday and Tour di Via Italia on Sunday, both in Windsor. 491 more words

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Megaten Monday Extra: Shin Megami Tensei IV Review

Persona 3 brought the SMT games to a level popularity in the states that many people never thought it would achieve. It was significantly more lighthearted then previous installments and set a standard for what people expected in SMT titles. 1,583 more words

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