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Photo a Day | April 15: I'm reading this

As I mentioned on day 7, I love reading but with less time lately it has turned into a luxury. Even so, when the chance arises, it always feels great to dive back in.


Prompt: dirty. #1, Bus stop

Perhaps “dirty” is not a great theme to start with, but it’s easy to illustrate!

This is my bus stop in Viale dell’Aeronautica this morning. 15 more words


Apr 08 – hobby [FMS Photo a Day]

April 08 – hobby
knitting is a hobby i love but haven’t done much of lately. now with a friend with a baby on the way i have good reason to get started on some washcoths and a blanket.
FMS Photo a day


Not Enough Weekend

Sigh… I wish this weekend lasted longer. After all my worries last week, this weekend just washed them away. But alas, back to it all again tomorrow. 107 more words


Happy Saturday!

Hello my lovelies ♡

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I’m having a great one thus far :-) There is still much of the day left which I will be spending playing Final Fantasy XIV on the PS4 (beta 2; we pick up the full game next week!) I actually really like to play. 315 more words