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Même le "ni-ni" compte pour des prunes...

Choquée, outrée, indignée après la lecture d’un article de Mediapart sur une alliance FN-UMP à Avignon:

Ça nous montre bien le véritable visage de l’UMP qui se droitise de plus en plus et ose même l’alliance au FN malgré les promesses (creuses) du “ni-ni” prôné par les dirigeants de l’UMP. 97 more words

Paroles De Droite

Tequila vs. the Fat Men

There is a crazy new way to lose weight, y’all.


Just take a couple of shots a day and voila! Suddenly skinny.


Two famous Belgians

Jacques Brel. Poirot. Tintin. They are the only famous Belgians I know. And two of them are fictional, so they don’t really count.

In the world of small arms, however, there are rather more famous Belgians. 680 more words

Kit And Caboodle

Un 21 avril européen est-il à craindre ?

Le 21 avril 2002, la France s’est réveillée en colère : pour la première fois, le candidat du Front national (Jean-Marie Le Pen) arrivait au second tour de la présidentielle. 604 more words

Articles En Français

Peer Review —

Trigger warning: Discussion of research regarding weight and health.

tl;dr warning: This is one bad mama jama of a post going into great depth on a single study. 4,974 more words


90-Day Belly Dance Challenge

As folks who follow my blog posts can tell, it’s been a really, really rough several months pain-wise. I went from dancing in at least three to four classes a week to maybe doing one a week … maybe … if I’m lucky. 323 more words


D-licious, D-lightful, D-lovely

Back in the 60s we had “Be-Ins “or “Love-Ins,” when people would gather in the same place and meditate on love and peace. Sometimes LSD was involved, sometimes sex and nudity, most of the time music was definitely a factor. 1,331 more words