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Friday Night Magic

Attention all Planeswalkers!  Every Friday night at The Wandering Dragon we are playing Standard Constructed & Booster Draft!  6:30 Sign-Up / 7:00 Start


First FNM Run with my Boros Burn

Last Friday, 7/11/14, I went to my local LGS located inside of the mall I live nearby. My girlfriend and I wanted to go because I had recently put together my Boros Burn deck (  1,562 more words


Magic In The Hood

In and around Kyoto there are hidden Magic Shops. They’re not hidden from the radar, but you’re not likely to pass them on a random walk. 371 more words


First I.Q. Top 8 - C.B.P.

Hello guys and girls.

Today I’m going to talk about the six round swiss I.Q. that I placed 6th in this past Saturday. I also need to say that this was only my second I.Q. 655 more words

First Deck Tech - C.B.P.

Hey guys and dolls! CBP here and welcome to Friday Night Tap Out. This is basically where Tiny, Chuckles and myself will be developing our deck techs, introducing new concepts, and basically just breaking down events that we play in as individuals and as a team. 754 more words

Magic times

Last weekend I was competing in the Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix in Manchester. It was the first competitive event I’ve taken part in outside of standard Friday Night Magic at my local store, and I was terrified, but despite going out reasonably early – round four with a 1-1-2 record – it was still a lot better than I was expecting! 136 more words

Conspiracy Draft Tonight at 9:30 pm!

Friday Night Magic will commence at our regular 7:00 and 9:30 pm start times as well.  Conspiracy is $15.00 per player!