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FNM con Barbara Molinario presentano FNM EVENTS

In concomitanza con i festeggiamenti per il decennale  di  L’Oreal, nella splendida sede di Palazzo Mignanelli sede della sua Accademia, FNM con Barbara Molinario presentano… 185 more words


Week Review from #FNM #MTG with Jacob Collins

Week review from Friday November 28th looking at Standard Mete and how the diversity of Magic: the Gathering has evolved in the meta-game-play. Along with a discussion of different decks that have seen play and what decks to plan for when thinking about competitions. 41 more words

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Small Business Saturday: The Games Keep

In a world of digital games, there is a sanctuary for analog gamers. This isn’t your big box, main stream Parker Brothers and Mattel only, retailer. 298 more words


Back to Spiking Times

Past week and a half, a few buddies and I went for a couple of Standard/Modern (Constructed) FNMs. Was looking to try out my 4c Zoo (Modern) as well as try out Gruul Midrange (Standard). 588 more words


FNM Promo for December 2014

It’s about time

This rather great card has surprisingly not been reprinted in anything – not a Duel Deck, Starter deck or event deck. It basically cause its value to skyrocket to above 5$, which is rather surprising for a Standard format uncommon (even more a red one). 78 more words

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