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The Lay of the (knitting) Land.

I think most knitters have a certain habit of starting more projects than they finish. I’m certainly no exception to this. Having finished up two small projects recently, I have spent countless hours in the last few days searching Ravelry for my next big knit. 292 more words


FO: Lyra shawl

I’ve been holding on to this one for a while.  Last year I was the recipient of a random drawing prize from the Indie Design Gift-a-Long… 399 more words

two WIPs and an FO

If there’s one thing this gift-along has been good for it’s my knitting mojo. Nothing like whipping out a few accessories to help me remember how much I love knitting from other people’s patterns! 359 more words

Knitted Mittens

Since we moved to America, my yarn collection has exploded!  Thanks to subscriptions, shows and spending most of my copious spare time in the lovely local yarn shop there is yarn flooding into our house at a constant and alarming rate.  645 more words


Grey self-striped diagonally knitted dishcloth

As you may recall, I wanted a simple dishcloth to knit for morning commutes, pattern-free, and I liked the look of these diagonal cloths with edges. 371 more words


2 months into "16 months knitting from stash": so far, so good - but SO hard.

Hi guys!

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to each and every knitter who showed some support. Only you, my knitting friends, can understand the extent of the challenge I’m going through. 371 more words


Brand New Leopard-Skin Formerly Pill-Box Hat

During my millinery training, I made quite a few hats only to learn new techniques and not because I really wanted to make those particular hats. 413 more words