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A Lifelong Marriage?

What are the foundations for a lifelong marriage?

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Marriage & Relationships

I Miss You No More: My Personal Journey of Passion

Tuesday was the first time I woke up without missing you. That urging loneliness. The longing for the abundance of your presence was finally gone.  687 more words


Focus On The Family Focuses on Yours

Hey there, it’s me, Focus on the Family.  Just uhhhh…. well there’s no easy way to say this.  I was minding my business the other day when I decided I would take a peek in a window or three… five, who’s counting right?… 159 more words


Mourn Your Losses

It hit me not too long ago. Actually applying the wisdom I’ve been hearing. What do I have to lose?  653 more words

Self Growth

"The Good Life"

“The good life is better than the life I lived”- Kanye West

Why is it that we associate the lyrics of this Kanye West song with money? 240 more words

Life Advice

Disharmony, Smarmony: The eHarmony Expose

MythBusters is one of all my all time favorite TV shows. If you are not familiar with the Discovery Channel program, their motto is “Don’t try this at home!” Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, take on urban myths and internet memes and put them to the test. 1,607 more words

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