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Daughters of Darkness

I finally got to go to district 5 for myself and pick up a few things which a few, turned into a lot. But really, did you expect anything less from me? 86 more words

~ My Essence ~

~ Morgan and Carlee ~

Pose – Focus Poses/ Temptation

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LOTD 8/7/14

So…I am feeling super extra lazy  and have no inspiration song, quote or otherwise. I’ve had a full day so far, with family coming in from out of town for visits, a doctor appt earlier today which btw I was late to due to oversleeping. 158 more words

Nerd is the Werd

It was forever ago that I got these just insanely adorable shoes from Reign and I just NOW am doing a post with them. I know, but I just thought they looked adorable with this outfit! 122 more words

This is just going to be a short and sweet post. Elikatira is having a rez day sale for 9 years on the grid! Everything is 99L until August 22nd so get your ass there now. 61 more words

If I were a Princess...

I would be the one sneaking off to see the dark wizards and evil knights or plotting against my own kingdom… I really feel like I would be evil so I would be a bad princess and not like a Disney princess at all =P But it would be fun running around all dressed pretty with crowns and scepters and stuff like that. 91 more words

Wild Things

Every time Collabor88 opens up with a new round I try to go right off and nothing rezzes, I go home frustrated and disappointed but a week or two later I am right back there with no lag and everything rezzing! 219 more words